Flore Docteur

Flore Docteur

Flore Docteur, a current Florida Atlantic University Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing part-time BSN student, is a native of Haiti, where she graduated from medical school in 2015. She launched her medical career by volunteering at one of the most remote and neglected communities in Haiti. With extremely limited means, Docteur spent most of her rotation assisting the only pediatrician on staff and caring for children suffering from malnutrition and other pathologies related to low socio-economic conditions.

In 2019, political instabilities forced Docteur to quickly leave Haiti. She fled to the United States; however, she encountered many challenges as she tried to pursue her professional career and education.

“Coming across information about FAU's PBSN program was just life-changing,” she explained. “The program met my needs because it considered my previous knowledge, and I have not had to start over. I will be forever grateful.”

After graduation, her goal is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and continue to care for the neediest children. Docteur said she felt that caring for them was her “life assignment.”

“Those encounters [in Haiti] opened my eyes as to what a huge difference healthcare workers can make and how they can affect young lives,” said Docteur. “Being able to recognize and acknowledge the health disparities faced around the world will aid me in providing the utmost care. I am grateful for being part of FAU’s PBSN program to pursue my education.”