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Congratulations, Spring 2024 College of Nursing White Coat Recipients!

White Coats 2024

On March 21, FAU's Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing hosted its annual White Coat Ceremony, where over one hundred Freshman Direct Admit and Accelerated BSN students were bestowed with their first white coats, signifying their entry into the nursing profession. The traditional ceremony and acceptance of the white coat confirm each student's commitment to compassion, humanism, and professionalism within the field.

The event program included a keynote address delivered by Jodi LoDolce, MBA, BSN, RN,

Chief Nursing Officer at HCA Florida JFK Hospital. LoDolce has over 30 years of experience in emergency nursing and nursing leadership and strives to build and lead strong teams. She is a member of the American Organization of Nurse Executives and the Florida Nurses Association.

“As I look around this room, I am inspired to see the future of nursing,” LoDolce said. She reminded the students that registered nurses rank #1 in Gallup Poll’s annual Most Honored and Ethical Professions Poll for the 22nd consecutive year - a sign of trust from patients and their loved ones.

She emphasized the importance of the power of connection and kindness as the future nurses establish themselves in the profession, saying, “You will be part of the best, and the worst days of people’s life. We impact people on a scale that is often difficult to measure.”

Among her top ten suggestions for students, LoDolce noted that always being kind is key as well as learning from your mistakes and asking for help, practicing lifelong learning, and finding a good work-life balance.

In conclusion, LoDolce told the students to wear their white coats, stethoscopes and badges proudly.

After donning their white coats with the help of faculty members, the students followed Dr. Joy Longo, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Associate Professor, in reciting the White Coat ceremony Oath. To view photos of the ceremony, click here.

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