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White Coat Ceremony

Celebrating our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Students

Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Keynote Speaker: Jill E. Winland-Brown, EdD, FNP-BC, FAANP 
                                              Professor Emeritus, Florida Atlantic University

Location: Carole and Barry Kaye Auditorium, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431

The White Coat Ceremony instills a commitment to provide compassionate care among future health professionals. This program promotes humanistic, patient-centered care among incoming nursing students.

Support for Nursing Students

As a symbol of the start of the nursing journey, the white coat confirms a commitment to compassion, humanism and professionalism within the field. Now more than ever, choosing a career in nursing is a portrait of courage and dedication that merits recognition.

As our students boldly step into nursing during such challenging times, they need the support of the collective community like never before. Please consider gifting a white coat to our students or further investing in the next generation of nursing students. To donate, visit: or checks are also accepted. Please mail checks to:

FAU Foundation, Inc.
777 Glades Rd, ADM295
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Please make checks payable to FAU Foundation, Inc. and write "Nursing - White Coat Scholarship" on the memo line.

Donor Recognition


Debbie Anderson

Jamal Anderson

Helen Babione

Mary and Peter Blum - In Honor of Joan Wargo

Robert Bok, Diane Bok, and Beth Blazek -American Traveler Staffing Professionals

Dr. Anne Boykin & Stephen Staudenmeyer

Dr. Michelle Broadbent

Peter and Susan Brockway

Ann Brown

Freyda and Edward Burns

B.G. Carter

Citrix Systems, Inc.

Mary and Bill Donnell

Dr. Henry E. Drummond & Mr. Andimo J. Rossi

Terry and Jerry Fedele

Dr. Laureen Fleck

Gene and Dr. Susan Folden

Lora Friedkin

Kristine Gobbo

David Green

Casey and Carol Gunnell

Barbara C. Gutin

Marcie Hall

Dr. Kathryn Keller - In Memory of Barbara Buchanan

Cindy and Michael Krebsbach, MD

Christine E. Lynn

Dr. Katherine Molinet Drum and Ted Drum

Dr. María de los Ángeles Ortega

Dr. Marilyn A. Ray

William and Joan Reiling

Reiling Family Foundation - Cindy and Michael Krebsbach, MD

Daniel A. Robinson – In Memory of Mickey Robinson

Mr. Joe Trubinsky and Holli Rockwell Trubinsky

Dr. Jean M. Shinners

Margaret Mary Shuff

Timothy G. Snow - In Memory and Honor of Beth Johnston

Major John B. Sparling

Melissa Stires

Susan R. & John W. Sullivan Foundation - Mrs. Susan Sullivan

Dr. Marian C. Turkel 

Vitas Healthcare

Joan Wargo

Dr. Lisa Wiese in Honor of Patricia Masters

Alicia Wynn

Alfred Zucaro and Yvonne Boice



* Some donations have been received anonymously. 


White Coat Ceremony Oath

           As a student dedicated to Nursing as a discipline of knowledge and professional practice, I solemnly pledge that I will:

        • Nurture the wholeness and well-being of persons and the environment through caring.
        • Protect the rights and dignity of those in my care.
        • Promote just, ethical and equitable health care for all.
        • Participate in inquiry that supports safe, quality care.
        • Collaborate in interprofessional research and practice.
        • Honor the legacy of those before us to elevate nursing standards of practice.
        • Stand together to support colleagues within a community of caring.
        • Accept the responsibility of a lifelong commitment to nursing through education and leadership.

           I take this oath voluntarily with the full realization of the responsibility with which I am entrusted by the public.


Students Receiving White Coats

Isabella Abbatiello
Ann Abdallah
Joie Abinanti
Eva Adams
Christina Aguilar
Kelitha Bien Aime
Patricia Blaise Alcinor
Erykah Allen
Lature Allen
Karen Allen
Yolanda Ambroise
Jamal Anderson
Bianca Apollon
Marcus Apollon
Guilienne Audelin
Clerdine Autelus
Amy  Averhoff-Laurenceau
Emily Azoalos
Janard Bailey
Daniella Banks
Alexis Barbery
Gianna Bauer
Brooklyn Baxter
Daniella Beck
Yubelka Bello
Laci Bettencourt
 Hanna  Blair
Lizbeth Boehme
Ariana Boetius
Keshtina Bonner
Samantha Boucher
Twila Boyd
Twila Boyd
Kylie Breslin
Jayda Brown
Christine Bruno
Alkin Cadet
Ester Cajina
Dercas Caneus
Ainsley Canning
Guadalupe Cantero
Melannie Cardona
Danielle Carozza
Monica Carpio
Hilde  Causey
Giulianna Cavallaro
Janice Chancy
Giovanny Chery
Caroline Chica
Serai Chung
Marisa Ciardullo
Janeen Clarke
Tanish Clarke
Juleen Clarke-Campbell
Eliss Contreras
Jayden Pace-Cook
Ashley Coote
Solange Cordovi
Natasha Curry-Guarino
Carley Dale
Sean Daley
Keishana Davis
Jacqueline De Leon
Lily Dearbaugh
Kethsy Dede
Katherine  D'Elia
Gardine Demesmin
Rebecca Didier
Eda Maye De Dios
Michelle De Vera
Flore Docteur
Connor Dolan
Chelsea Dorcine
Rosemarie Douglas-Peart
Rachel Drew
Libby Dumel
Christopher Dumond
Breyona Dunkley
Paola Enriquez
Neikah Etienne
Bendji Eugene
Gabriella Falkowski
Mohammad Fares
Shernette Faulknor
Joshua Fearon
Eric Figler
Carline Fileus
Brianna Forrest
Sidnee Frederickson
Gabrielle Frye
Merlyne Galety
Abby Gansen
Maria Garcia
Jada Gary
Elena Gaucher
Matthew Gaudioso
Lauren Gayoso
Tanika George
Erica Gertsik
Sydney Gibbons
Sasha Gibbs
Ivan Morfe Gil
Shanice Gilbert
Adriana Gonzalez
Sasha Graddy
Keyla Granados
Meghan Graves
Gina Guerrier
Renita Gumbs
Lauren Guzik-Molyneaux
Jackelin Guzman-Alvarez
Leo Hare
Giselle Hernandez
Katherine Hernandez
Maria Sanchez Herrera
Alicia Herring
Carolyn Hodne
Abby Hopkins
Erin Horn
Rosie Hou
Mariapaula Hoyos
John Huggins
Monica Humes
Danielle Hurst
Samantha Isaac
Stephanie Jabali
Stephanie Jackson
Rabia Javed
Angie Saint Jean
Marc Jean
Michel Jean
Wisly Jean
Christopher Jean-Mary
Hannah Jenkins
Tosan Johnson
Fioldalissa Joseph
Grecthe Joseph
Wilmide Joseph
Edeline Joseph
Jonald Joseph
Dominique Julmice
Jordyn Kelley
Fariena Khan
Alina Khawaja
Elena Kim
Reid Knoerlein
Ruthi Kuris
Kayla Lamer
Mayrim Lavado
Bianca Lee
Jamile Legon
Sarah Lievano
Jennifer Liriano
Abigail Little
Isabella Longo
Emily Lopez
Ana Lopez
Prena Louis
Sherrell Louis
Sherley Lubin
Kelsey Malinowski
Hannah Mardini
Emily Martell
Natalie Mathurin
Jimmy Mcauley
Milanda Mehu
Hanna Melichar
Jalinette Metayer
Kens Metellus
Micheline Michel
Kenya Milfort
Melyssa Mitchell
Eugenia Mitchell
Rodnella Moise
Abigail Molter
Dedra Monroe-Jones
Samantha Moore-Hamilton
Emma Morris
Nicole Morrison
Martine Mortimer-Dugard
Daniel Motola
Mehar Mownata
Victoria Munn
Nicole Narciso
Rachel Natalus
Kathleen Nguyen
Minh Nguyen
Jessica Nino
Jeanison Noel
Guadalupe Novoa
William Nuneville
Janeen Ocampo
Jessica Oge
Vanessa Ortiz
Bethsie Osirus
Destiny Parks
Whitney Parziale
Kayla Patron
Lisa Paul
Marissa Payne
Amanda Persad
Shianna Peterson
Gina Petithomme
Natara Pickstock
Theresa Pierre-Louis
Kasey Pirillo
Katrina Polglaze
Parker Prieschl-Richardson
Jenna Rajkowski
Jamie Ramirez
Nicole Ramos
Nicole Reis
Aislinn Rendulic
Merline Richemond
Morgyn Riedl
Cossette Robledo
Clara Rose
Malaya Ross
Kathleen Rossi
Ashley Roti
Charisse Rubine
Malcolm Rush
Tavia Samlal
Raquel Sanchez
Alyson Sanders
Zachary Santaniello
Alena Santos
Mary Saul
Theresa Saunders
Emma Scarelli
Anna Schepisi
Christine Schroeder
Naomi Scott
Jordan Searwar
Chelsea-Paige Service
Nina Shakher
Marc Singh
Kaitlyn Sloper
Allison Small
Amber Small
Shennae Smith
Sergei Solomatin
Brandie Standifer
Jaymi Steele
Allison Stenza
Raven Stone
Raquel Straghn
Kiera Sullivan
Dawn Sutton
Cendra Tanis
Julia Taylor
Daphney Teneus
Lauren Terakawa
Taisha Theloma
Aleshia Thomas
Medjina Thomas
Jannike Thomas
Jayda Thompson
Lara Thorpe
Claire Trefry
Lili Truong
Andrea Turcios
Katelynn Vecchio
Emilio Vega
Gladymir Veillard
Isaac Vera
Stefanie Vil
Brianna Waldrep
Sasha-Gay Walker
Kadianne Whyte
Mia Wilburn
Emily Williams
Trudy Wilson
Teshane Wilson
Hanna Wondwosen
Kristina Wrenn
Mackenzie Zweeres