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Q&A with College Advisory Board Member Peggy Pettit

Oct 12, 2021

Peggy Pettit

What inspired you to get involved and support the College of Nursing as an advisory board member?

I was eager to support FAU’s College of Nursing because of its excellent reputation and impressive graduation and nursing exam pass rates. After speaking with Dean George about the long-term goals for the College, I became very excited to share in the College’s mission as a board member. In addition, the opportunity to be involved with the students, spreading awareness of hospice and palliative care as a career choice is important to me.


What do you admire most about our students?

Since the pandemic began, I have been increasingly impressed at the dedication of those students continuing to pursue a nursing career. The stressors, physically, mentally and emotionally, continue to become more burdensome. I am so inspired by the commitment and drive to deal with this unprecedented crisis and remain dedicated to providing care to patients.


What is your hope for the future of the College?

My hope is that the College continues its excellent track record, and grows the enrollment and offerings annually. I also look forward to VITAS' participation in the instructional, research and service activities throughout the College and the community.


How long have you called South Florida home? Could you share a couple professional and personal interests?

I have been a resident of South Florida since 1971 and love the Florida lifestyle. I raised my two children in Broward County, and now enjoy time spent on the water with our five grandchildren in Martin County. Through my board seat with the Florida Hospice and Palliative Care Association, as well as the Florida Council on Aging, I actively advocate on behalf of hospice and palliative care organizations, as well as for Florida's seniors.