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Innovative Workshop Equips Nurses with Dermatology Surgery Skills

March 2, 2024

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Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing’s Continuing Professional Development program hosted a workshop titled "The Foundations of Dermatology Procedures and Surgery" at the Boca Raton campus for students and nurse practitioners on Saturday, March 2.  

The full-day event featuring three sessions attracted nearly two dozen participants from Florida Atlantic University, and the local community. Three of the attendees were nursing professionals working in urgent care or primary care settings in the community and 17 were Dermatology Nurse Practitioner students at the college.  

During the workshop led by Dr. Debra Shelby, founder and president, National Academy of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners, attendees engaged in hands-on learning, covering essential topics in dermatological care. They explored Basic and Advanced Suturing techniques, Basic Dermatology Procedures, including biopsy techniques, cryotherapy, EDC, and Incision and drainage, and gained insights into surgery procedures such as Fusiform and ellipse excisions, with a focus on hemostasis and wound care.  

Dr. Louise Aurélien-Buie, Assistant Dean of Executive and Continuing Education and Academic-Practice Partnerships and Associate Professor, said each student was provided their own suturing kits along with other necessary supplies and given the opportunity for hands-on practice under the supervision of the clinical instructors who are certified Dermatology Nurse Practitioners.  

“We opened the workshop to other providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the community, because we understand the shortage of dermatology providers and the need to equip those who work in primary care and urgent care settings,” Dr. Buie shared.  

The informative workshop equipped attendees with practical skills to enhance their proficiency in dermatological care, reflecting the college's commitment to continuing professional development for nurses and health care professionals. The workshop is included in the curriculum for the first course “Essential Dermatology for NP Practice” of the college’s Dermatology Nurse Practitioner program.