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FAU College of Nursing Advisory Board Q&A

Jan 25, 2022

Q&A with Advisory Board Member Ann Brown

What inspired you to get involved and support FAU’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing as an advisory board member?
Several years ago, a new friend who was on the advisory board asked me to have lunch with  Marlaine Smith, who at the time was dean of the FAU College of Nursing . I was excited to just go and learn and see the nursing facility and hear about the students, curriculum and goals — and that is where the inspiration started for me!
From the LEED-certified building, to some of the current and future goals, I was over the moon to put my business and entrepreneurial skills to work, if given a chance. I think Dr. Smith recognized that my mindset was not based on education, or a nursing background, but more on business/budgets/deliverables/timelines and she felt that could benefit the board.
Being on the board was a blessing to me, as I got the opportunity to interview all three potential dean candidates in 2019, when Dr. Smith retired. To interview top college professionals with 39-page resumes and such successful education merit — it was a wow! and really gave the board a chance to work together to select Dr. Safiya George (who is amazing) as the new Dean and true visionary.

What do you admire most about our students?
I admire their tenacity to do what is their true calling. They all have such amazing personal stories and growth about why nursing is their calling! They are all so full of intention to give learn and give back in the medical field.

What is your hope for the future of the College?
With Dean George at the helm, there is so much hope. She has an amazing team and has really enabled the College of Nursing to work with the business school, the engineering school …. and opportunities for marketing and fundraising too— she’s a true visionary who looks at limited opportunities as limitless. Sharing the journey and watching these ideas come to fruition is amazing!
Could you share professional and personal interests?
I love the day-to-day activities, challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and the empowerment that comes from operating a woman-owned business.  I am fueled each day by where I live — the ocean and beach, East Boca and its surroundings. Staying healthy and strong, emotionally and physically, is important to me, so I spend a lot of my personal time boxing, hot yoga,  morning meditation and cooking and connecting with friends.