Dr. Ruth Tappen is Professor and Christine E. Lynn Eminent Scholar at the College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University. She was the Founder and Director of the Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center from 2000-2006. She has been the principal investigator on a number of studies related to management of Alzheimer’s and related memory disorders. She recently completed several major studies which include: Culture Bias in Testing Expressive Ability in Dementia, funded by the National Institute for Nursing Research and Doctor Nursing Practice: Focused on Caring for a Diverse Aging Population, funded by the Division of Nursing, U.S. Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration. Dr. Tappen is Principal Investigator of Involving Nursing Home Residents and Families in Acute Care Transfer Decisions recently funded by PCORI and Co-Principal Investigator of Implementation of Interventions to Reduce Hospitalizations of Nursing Homes Residents funded by NINR, NIH.

Dr. Tappen was the director of a project to implement an innovative model of transitional care in a long-term care facility, Nurse-Managed Family Follow-up in Long Term Care. Her books include Interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Caregiver’s Comprehensive Guide and co-authored It Takes More Than Love: A Practical Guide to Taking Care of an Aging Adult with Anita Beckerman. She also authored Nursing Leadership & Management: Concepts and Practice and the recently published Advanced Nursing Research: From Theory to Practice. 

Dr. Tappen has served on the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects at Miami Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged, is the First Vice President, Southeast Chapter Alzheimer’s Association and Board member, Johnnie B. Byrd, Sr. Alzheimer’s Disease and Research Institute. She is a frequent study panel member for NIH.


Current Research
Ongoing Research Support

  • PFA120001 Tappen (PI), PCORI
    Involving Nursing Home Residents and Families in Acute Care Transfer
    The major goal of this project is to design and test a new Transfer Decision aid that will better prepare NH residents and their families to participate in making decisions about hospitalizations.
  • RO1NR012936 Ouslander and Tappen (MPIs), NIH, NINR
    Implementing Intervention to Reduce Hospitalizations of Nursing Home Residents
    The major goal of this project is to play a critical role in both the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) NH Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement requirement and the "triple aim" of improved care, improved health and more affordable care through a rigorous controlled trial of the INTERACT program to reduce unnecessary transfer of NH residents to the hospital.
  • 20120276 Ouslander (PI), Tappen (Co-PI), The Commonwealth Fund
    National Dissemination of INTERACT-A Quality Improvement Program for Improving Management of Acute Change in Condition in Nursing Home Residents
    The major goals of this project are: 1) improve and finalize the INTERACT program and prepare to bring it to scale nationwide; 2) disseminate the INTERACT program in a relatively low cost model utilizing a certified "INTERACT Trainers"; and 3) monitor implementation and effectiveness in a national sample of NHs in collaboration with Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs), Advancing Excellence, and national stakeholder organizations including the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA), Leading Age, and the American Health Care Association.
  • ARG 2008 Tappen (Co-PI-contributed time), Johnnie B. Byrd Alzheimer's Center and Research Institute
    Comparison of Same and Different Culture Rater Evaluation in Dementia
    The major goal of this project is to identify potential culture bias in observer ratings of cognitive abilities and mood in older adults.
  • ARG 2007-08 Tappen (PI), Johnnie B. Byrd Alzheimer's Center and Research Institute
    Adherence to Treatment Recommendations Following Memory Disorder Diagnosis
    The major goal of this project is to test patient and caregiver recall of diagnosis and treatment recommendations immediately after disclosure of a memory disorder diagnosis and three months later.
  • Health Aging Initiative, Ouslander (PI), Tappen (Co-PI)
    FAU Research Priority Award
    A three year study of 800 older adults from the diverse communities of South Florida focused on quality of life (frailty & resilience), mental and physical health status, cognition and physical performance.
  • HRSA-D31H-08830 Tappen (PD), MAGEC (subcontract with UM)
    Addressing the Quality of the Nursing Care Provided to the Frailest Portion of the Older Adult Population in South Florida
    The goal of this project is to provide the education to nursing home staff to implement the AGS Guidelines for conducting falls screen, assessment and evidenced based interventions.
  • Ouslander (PI), Tappen (Investigator), Research Retirement Foundation
    Development and Evaluation of a Curriculum on the INTERACT Program
    The goal of this project was to develop and evaluate a curriculum on the INTERACT program.

Completed Research Support (last 5 years)
  • Ouslander (PI), Tappen (Co-PI), Commonwealth Fun
    Improving the Quality of Nursing Home Care by Reducing Acute Hospitalizations: Refinement and Evaluation of a Toolkit for Health Professionals
    The goal of this project was to reduce rehospitalization in 30 nursing homes in 3 states.
  • RRF#2007-234 Tappen (PI), Retirement Research Foundation
    Enhancing Medical and Nursing Students' Basic Competency in AD and Related Dementias through Inter-Professional Clinical Education
    The goals of this project were to enhance medical students' and family nurse practitioner students' basic competency in the co-diagnosis, treatment and societal implications of AD and related dementias.
  • RFA2006-MEM-01-06 Tappen (FAU-PI), Johnnie B. Byrd Alzheimer's Center and Research Institute
    Memory Screening Studies to Detect Progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment
    The goal of this project was to evaluate the ability of a short series of tests and questionnaires to identify mild memory problems in members of minority groups in the community.
  • RG-04-1368 Tappen (PI), Alzheimer's Association
    Cognitive Retraining for Individuals with Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease
    The goal of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of a 12-week, functionally-oriented, in-home cognitive retraining program for individuals with early stage Alzheimer's disease which was compared with a life story intervention of equivalent intensity and duration.
  • 1D09HP09065-01-00 Tappen (PI), HRSA
    Doctor of Nursing Practice: Focused on Caring for a Diverse Aging Population
    The major goal of this project is to establish a new DNP degree program at the College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University that addresses the rapidly expanding & increasingly diverse aging population.
  • Holland & Tappen (Co-PI), Forest Research Institute
    Delaying the Progression of Driving Impairment in Patients with AD and MCI
    This project is a double-blind placebo controlled study of medication to delay cognitive impairment and thereby delay cessation of driving.
  • 1D23NU01295 Tappen (PI), HRSA, HHS, BHP
    Focus on Ethnogeriatrics in the APGN Curriculum
    The major goal of this project was to prepare faculty to teach ethnogeriatric content and skills and to integrate ethnogeriatric content and skills into blended (NP-CNS) role advanced practice in Gerontological nursing specialty track in the master's program.

Grants Awarded

  • 2019 - Fit2Drive: Development and Testing of a Driver Risk Predictor for Individuals with AD. Florida Department of Health Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program Grant# 9AZ03.
  • 2018 - Cognitive Support Strategies to Improve Medication Adherence in Older Adults Undergoing Hemodialysis. Keryx Biopharmaceuticals.
  • 2018 - Deciding when to stop driving: Reports of persons with dementia and their families. Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring Research Initiative Senior Scientist Awards. Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing.
  • 2017 - Reducing Avoidable Hospitalizations Across the Continuum of Care: Dissemination of the Resident and Family Decision Guide, Go to the Hospital or Stay Here? in CMS Region IV. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • 2015 - Involving Nursing Home Residents and Their Families in Hospital Transfer Decisions: Dissemination. PCORI, Eugene Washington Engagement Award EAIN-2184.
  • 2015 - Engaging Stakeholders in Implementation of Decision Aids. PCORI, Eugene Washington Engagement Award EAIN-2276.

Recent Publications

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