Dr. Louis brings an extensive background in nursing education and stands out as a visionary leader in the field. With a remarkable career spanning over 2 decades, she notably served as the Dean of St. Petersburg College, College of Nursing, where her transformative leadership left an indelible mark on both her team and the student body.

In her current capacity at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Louis holds the distinguished position of Chairperson for the Board of Directors of the Florida Center for Nursing, a notable appointment by the Governor. Her scholarly pursuits delve into the realms of psychiatry/mental health, nursing workforce, and wellness, showcasing a commitment to advancing knowledge and practices in these critical areas. Concurrently, her active role as a Board of Trustee member for St. Anthony Hospital reflects a broader dedication to influencing the healthcare landscape.

Beyond her academic responsibilities, Dr. Louis assumes the role of Founder and CEO of Prestige Health and Wellness, exemplifying her dedication as a board-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner. Her passionate endeavors are directed towards dismantling mental health stigma and addressing the diverse needs of individuals across the lifespan. Dr. Louis's vision is firmly rooted in a compassionate approach, seeking to "Bringing Humanity Back to Mental Health with Mindful Healing from The Inside Out."

Dr. Louis's expertise is expansive, covering mental health, wellness promotion, higher education leadership, and nursing education. Her notable recognition, including features in prestigious outlets like the Tampa Bay Business Magazine and acknowledgment among the Top 100 Women Leaders of Tampa for 2022 by Women We Admire, underscores the profound impact of her contributions to nursing.



  • NGR 6509L-003 Psychiatric MH Nurs Prac 1
  • NURS 521 - Ethics in Healthcare
  • NURS510-Policy, Organization, and Financing of Healthcare.

  • Undergraduate
  • Introduction to the Profession (NURS 300)
  • Adult Health Nursing I (NURS 304)
  • Adult Health Nursing II (NURS 306)
  • NUR 3125: Pathophysiology
  • NUR 3805: Professional Roles and Dimensions of Nursing Practice
  • NUR 3826: Legal & Ethical Aspects of Nursing
  • NUR 3874: Informatics and Clinical Reasoning
  • NUR 4169: Evidence-Based Research Utilization
  • NUR 4636: Community Health Nursing Theory
  • NUR 4636L: Community Health Nursing Practicum
  • NUR 4835: Leadership Theory
  • NUR 4835L: Leadership Practicum