Dr. Joy Longo joined the faculty of the College of Nursing in 2006 as a clinical instructor and is currently an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Program. Dr. Longo worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care setting for 22 years, and maintains certification as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse. Her extensive experience in the clinical setting led to her research interest in work environments and the relationship to outcomes. She is the recipient of an American Nurses Foundation/Julia Hardy RN Scholar grant for the development and testing of the Horizontal Violence Scale.

Dr. Longo teaches across programs in the College. She was recognized as a Master Teacher in 2013 and earned the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) credential in 2021. In 2016, she became the interim Assistant Dean, Graduate Practice Programs, and in 2017 became the full-time Assistant Dean. In 2020, she transitioned into the role of Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Program. Dr. Longo remains active in service to the College of Nursing and to the University. She served as the inaugural College Liaison for the Distinction through Discovery (DTD) program for undergraduate research and served as chair of the Faculty Professional Development Committee for DTD from 2014-2015. She is currently a member of the University Steering Committee and the Faculty Senate.



  • NUR 4165: Nursing Research
  • NUR 4945: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
  • NUR 4945L: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Capstone
  • NGR 6812: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NGR 7934: Doctoral Seminar in Advanced Nursing II
  • NGR 7121 Theory Development and Application in Nursing
  • NGR 7946 Scholarship Practicum 

Research Interests

  • Horizontal violence in nursing
  • Healthy work environments
  • Neonatal intensive care units (NICU)
  • Safety cultures

Grants Awarded


  • Longo, J. & DeDonno, M.A. Creating a Novel Assessment to Explore Workplace Bullying. Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring ($3,000, 7/16-7/18)
  • Longo, J. Building Community for Healthy Work Environments. Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring. ($3000, 7/13-7/14)
  • Longo, J. and Dormire, S. The Practice of Translating Evidence in Nursing. Distinction through Discovery, Undergraduate Research and Inquiry QEP. ($5000, 6/13-6/15).
  • Longo, J. Building Community through Peace and Power. Florida Atlantic University Division of Research Mentor Grant. Mentor: Dr. Marlaine Smith. ($2,000, 8/10-8/11).
  • Longo, J, (PI). Instrument Development and Psychometric Testing of a Horizontal Violence Measure, American Nurses Foundation/Julia Hardy RN Scholar grant. ($5,000, 8/08-8/10)
  • Longo, J, Principal Investigator. Acts of Caring: Nurses Caring for Each Other Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring. ($3,750, 12/07-11/07)
  • Longo, J. Student nurses’ experiences of horizontal violence in the clinical setting: Do nurses eat their young? (Master’s thesis) Iota Xi Chapter Sigma Theta Tau. ($250, 5/03-12/03)

Recent Publications

  • Alfahd, H. & Longo, J. (in press) The role of the nurse preceptors in preserving patient safety in Saudi Arabia: A directed content analysis study. International Journal for Human Caring.
  • DeDonno, M.A., Longo, J., Levy, X, & Morris, D. (2022). Perceived susceptibility and severity of COVID-19 on prevention practices, early in the pandemic in the State of Florida. Journal of Community Health. (Published online April 22, 2022).
  • Pratt, B. A., Longo, J., Gordon, S. C., & Jones, N. A. (2020). Perceptions of breastfeeding for women with perinatal depression: a descriptive phenomenological study.  Issues in Mental Health Nursing 41 (7), 637-644.
  • Longo, J., & DeDonno, M. (2020). The effect of bullying vignettes on negative affect. Issues in mental health nursing41(2), 154-160.
  • Demezier, C., & Longo, J. (2019). Let Me Tell You a Story: Exploring Vignettes to Study Bullying. FAU Undergraduate Research Journal8, 9-9.
  • Longo, J., & DeDonno, M. A. (2018). Development of vignettes to explore workplace bullying. Issues in mental health nursing39(7), 608-612.
  • Longo, J., & DeDonno, M. A. (2017). Development and Validation of Vignettes to Explore Workplace Bullying.
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  • Daisy Faculty Award 2022
  • Master Teacher. Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing (2014)
  • "Nurse of the Year" awardee. Palm Healthcare Foundation, Inc. (2014)
  • Great 100 Nurses Class of 2013. Florida Nurses Association (2013)
  • Commitment to Community Award. Palm Healthcare Foundation, Inc. (2009)
  • Nominee, Nurse Educator of the Year. Palm Healthcare Foundation, Inc. (2009)
  • Faculty Award. Lynn University (2000)
  • Maria LeBrun Nursing Theory Scholarship (1984)

Professional Associations/Membership

  • Academy of Neonatal Nurses
  • American Association of Critical Care Nurses
  • American Nurses Association
  • Southern Nurses Research Society
  • Sigma Theta Tau International