Dr. Mary Ann McGuire Leavitt is board certified in critical care nursing and heart failure nursing. Previous acute care practice includes Critical Care, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, and Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab. Dr. Leavitt has also been a Clinical Educator at a local hospital, where she taught a variety of classes and managed the New Graduate RN Residency program. Her current research interests include transitional care for patients with heart failure to decrease hospital readmissions, and collaborating with the College of Engineering to develop skin based wearable sensors to alert for heart failure decompensation.


  • NUR 3262, NUR 4716, NUR 4764: All three levels of Medical Surgical Nursing Situations with Adults and Aging Populations: Chronic, Acute, and Complex.
  • NUR 4935: Honors Seminar in Nursing II
  • NUR 1503: Learning Strategies and Human Development

Recent Publications

  • Leavitt, M. M., Hain, D, J., Keller, K. B., & Newman, D. (2020). Testing the effect of a home health heart failure intervention on hospital readmissions, heart failure knowledge, self-care, and quality of life. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 46(2).
  • Keller, K., Eggenberger, T., Leavitt, M.A., & Sabatino, D. (2020). Acute care nurses’ arrhythmia knowledge: Defining competency. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing.
  • Leavitt, M. M. (2017) Toes and long shadows. Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Nursing and Health Sciences., 4(1), 16-17.
  • Liehr, P., Morris, K., Leavitt, M. M., & Takahashi, R. (2013). Translating research findings to promote health: Moving from 'field to forum' with verbatim theatre. Advances in Nursing Science, 36(3), 160-170.
  • Leavitt, M. M. (2013). Cardiac devices in the perioperative and perianesthesia settings. Airways: Newsletter for PeriAnesthesia Care Nurses of Florida.