Dr. Beth King's practice experience is in the area of mental health nursing and community nursing. Research experience is in the study of caring and education, focus groups and mental health issues.


Dr. King teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate program and is the RN-BSN Coordinator for the undergraduate program. She teaches undergraduate Mental Health Nursing and is a Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health and Certified HeartMath® Trainer. She also teaches courses in caring science at both the undergraduate and graduate program. She recently co-authored a book, Nursing Case Studies in Caring: Across the Practice Spectrum.

Dr. King's research interests are in the area of caring science and mental health issues. Her current research focuses on the assessment and measurement of depression and the use of HeartMath® as a nursing intervention. In addition, she is involved in research related to understanding the caring behavior of nursing students and methodology for teaching and evaluating caring science.


  • 2014-2015: Relationship between Depression s Measured by the PHQ-9 and Other Variables of Patients at a Nurse Managed Community Center.
  • 2014: The Experience of Nurse Faculty Teaching from Nursing Situations in a Caring-based Curriculum.
  • 2013-2015: The Usefulness of the Caring Ability Inventory to Assess the Caring Ability of Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Nursing
  • Students.
  • 1992: Nurse Educator's Knowledge and Perception of Outcomes Assessment. Doctoral Dissertation

Grants Awarded


  • 2020: Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention: Veteran Nurses in Primary Care Funding Source: Health Resources & Services Administration
  • 2020: Nurse Education Practice Quality Retention Veteran Nurses in Primary Care COVID (COVID-19) Source: Health Resources & Services Administration
  • 2019: Bridging the Gap: Providing Specialized Dementia Care and Supportive Services through Community Partnerships - Expansion Source: Department of Health & Human Services
  • 2015: A Pilot Study Using Random Control Trial to Study the Effectiveness of a HeartMath® Self-Regulation Program Intervention on the Resiliency, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Depression Levels of Parents or Guardians of Children Enrolled in a Head Start Program.
    Funding Source: Florida Atlantic University.
  • 2014: The Measurement of Caring as a Student Outcome in Nursing Education: A Descriptive Survey.
    Funding Source: Sigma Theta Tau, Iota Xi Chapter.
  • 2001: School Nurse Critical Thinking Skills/Competency Workshop
    Funding Source: Area Health Education Center of Miami (AHEC).
  • The Children's Trust Miami Dade County
    2015: School Nurse Orientation Program
    2012: Preparation for National School Nurse Certification Program

Recent Publications


  • Barry, C. D., Gordon, S. C., & King, B. M. (2015). .Nursing Case Studies in Caring: Across the Practice Spectrum. New York: Springer Publishing.

Book Chapters

  • Parker, M.E., Barry, C. D., & King, B. M. (2015). The development of a community nursing practice model. In M. Smith and M. Parker (Eds.), Nursing theories & nursing practice (4th ed., pp.435-447). Philadelphia: FA Davis.
  • King, B. (2010). Nurse patient relationship theories: Peplau, Travelbee & Orlando. In Gordon, S.C. (Ed.). (2010). Instructors Manual for Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. 3rd Edition Philadelphia: F.A. Davis. [Published]

Journal Articles

  • King, B. M., & Barry, C. D. (2019). “Caring between” the nurse, the one nursed, and the healthcare robot: an interpreted nursing situation using the Barry, Gordon, King Framework.  International Journal for Human Caring 23 (2), 168-177.
  • King, B. M., Linette, D., Donohue-Smith, M., & Wolf, Z. R. (2019). Relationship between perceived nurse caring and patient satisfaction in patients in a psychiatric acute care setting. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services57(7), 29-38.
  • Wolf, Z., King, B., France, N. (2015). Antecedent context and structure of communication during a caring moment: Scoping review and analysis. International Journal for Human Caring, 19(2), 7-21.
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  • Kawamura, A., Tanioka, T., Toshiko, T., King, B. & Locsin, R. (2013). Collaborative agencies and quality discharge support for the long-term care in-patients with mental illness. The Journal of Medical Investigation, 60, 52-60. Role: Editor
  • Kataoka1, M. , Ozawa, K.. , Tanioka1 , T., Okuda K., Chiba,S., Tomotake , M., & and King, B. (2015). Gender differences of the influential factors on the mental health condition of teachers in the A university. The Journal of Medical Investigation, 62. 56-61. Role: Editor
  • Tanioka, T., Fuji, S., Kataoka, M., King, B., Tomotake, M., Yasuhara, Y., Locsin, R., Sekido, K, & Mifune, K. (2012). Retrospective study of Japanese patients with Schizophrenia treated with Aripiprazole. International Scholarly Research Network, 2012, doi: 10.5402/2012/454898
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  • Parker, M.E., Barry, C. & King, B. (2000). Use of inquiry group method for assessment and evaluation in a school-based community nursing project. Family and Community Health, 23(2), 54-61.


  • 2008 Soroptimist Nominee: Nominated by the Debbie Rand Memorial Service League, Inc.
  • 2004 Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominee: Nominated by the Boca Raton Historical Society
  • 1989 Nurse of the Year, Iowa Nurses Association District 7