Dr. Tracian Kelly Hershorin graduated from Florida Atlantic University's Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing with a BSN (2011), MSN, and DNP in 2015, and Post Master PMHNP in 2019. She is the FNP Concentration Coordinator and an Assistant Professor on the practice track. She has worked as an LPN for over 5 years. Have been a registered nurse for over 8 years and an advanced practice registered nurse for over 7 years. Dr. Kelly Hershorin began her career as a staff nurse, then as a supervisor, and finally as a clinical nurse manager of an Alzheimer's unit. She also worked in home health, ALFs, and nursing homes as an APRN, primarily with adults and the geriatric population, providing care through diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute and chronic illnesses. Dr. Tracian Kelly is also passionate about helping individuals suffering from mental illnesses and providing Holistic Care to people of all ages across the lifespan.


  • NUR 4716L Acute Care Nursing Situations with Adults and Aging Population in Practice
  • NUR 3262L Chronic Care Nursing Situations with Adults and Aging Populations in Practice
  • NUR 4764L Complex Care in Nursing Situations with Adults and Aging Population in Practice
  • NUR 3119C Foundations of Nursing Practice
  • NUR 4829L Nursing Practice Immersion
  • NUR 4525L Psychiatric and Mental Health:
    Nursing Situations in Practice
  • NGR 7945C DNP Project and Residency
  • NGR7945L Residency in Advance Practice Nursing.
  • NGR 6619L Primary Care of Families Practice
  • NGR 6002L Advanced Nursing Situation in Practice: Health Assessment

Recent Publications

  • Abrute, V., Kelly Hershorin, T., Hain, D. J., Bakerjian, D., & Hain, D. J. (2022). Chapter 17: Common Neurologic Disorders Encountered in the Primary Care Setting. In Textbook of Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nursing: Evidence-Based Patient Care for Adolescents to Older Adults (1 St. Edition, pp. 273–311). essay, Springer Publishing .
  • Suriaga, A., Longo, J., Kelly, T., & Bertrand, H. (2022). A Review of Innovative Clinical Nursing Experiences for Competency-Based Outcome. A peer review abstract submitted to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Doctoral Conference in Naples, Florida. (Podium).
  • Suriaga, A., Longo, J., Kelly, T., & Bertrand, H. (2021). Innovative Clinical Experiences for Nursing Students: A Synthesis of Evidence for Competency-Based Clinical Outcomes. A peer-reviewed oral presentation to the 3rdInternational Conference on Technology Competency as Caring in the Health Sciences. Hosted by Our Lady of Fatima University, Manila, Philippines.  


  • DNP Capstone Presentation- Nonpharmacological Approaches to Behavior and Psychiatric Symptoms of Dementia in Adults with Dementia: Implementation of a Program focused on Training Family Caregivers
  • 10th Annual West Palm Beach Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Conference- Poster Presentation on Prostate Cancer in African American Males.


  • 2022 Daisy Award
  • 2019 Enhancement awards
  • 2015 Golden Key Honor Society Recipient
  • 2015 Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society Recipient
  • 2015 Sigma Theta Tau – Iota Chapter
  • Esther Saylor Rothenberger Scholarship
  • 2012-2014 HRSA Advanced Education, Nursing Traineeship (AENT) grant award. 
  • Lifelong learning/Grad Endowment
  • 2011 Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Graduate Nursing Student Academy