Dr. Safiya George earned her PhD and MSN degrees from Emory University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University in Religion and Health. She previously served as a Faculty in Residence at both The University of Alabama and at Emory University where she led the “Bridging Academics, Service and Ethics” Program. Her primary research area aims to promote the health and holistic wellbeing of individuals with or at risk for HIV/AIDS through evidence-based psychosocial interventions focused on social determinants of health. Her research has previously been funded by the, National Institutes of Health, including the National Institutes of Nursing Research, the Georgia Department of Community Health, the John Templeton Foundation, Emory University Religion and Public Health Collaborative, the Biomedical Imaging Technology Center, and the University of Alabama. Her work is currently funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, HRSA, ViiV Healthcare’s Southern Initiative Positive Action program, and the NIH-funded Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR). Dr. George’s research productivity demonstrates the quality as well as quantity of her work and also signals her national reputation in the areas of holistic health, spirituality and HIV. Dr. George has received a number of honors and recognitions for her work. Most recently, on April 17, 2019, she was awarded the 2019 President’s Faculty Research Award at the University of Alabama. Her holistic approach to her research also garnered her an international award, the Daniel J. Pesut Spirit of Renewal Award in 2015. In 2017, she was elected to serve on the International Board of Directors for Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society for Nursing, where she has also held numerous leadership roles, including Chair of the International Service Committee, elected member of the Leadership Succession Committee and Vice President of the Epsilon Omega Chapter. Dr. George is a board certified Adult Nurse Practitioner and in 2018, she was inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Research Grants

  • George, S. (PI), Payne-Foster, P. (Co-PI), Mugoya, G.T. (Co-I), Williamson, L. (Co-I), Kirkpatrick, B. (Co-I). (2016-2019). Multi-level Strategies to Improve HIV Care in West Alabama. University of Alabama, Research Grants Committee. $40,600.
  • Dalmida, S. G. (PI) (2015-current). Biomedical Imaging Technology Center and Emory Center for Systems Imaging. $12,000 - 20,000 (in kind).
  • Dalmida, S. G. (PI) (2015-2016). U.S. Virgin Islands HIV Project. Emory University Global Health Institute, Multidisciplinary Team Field Scholars Award. $12,000.

Program Grants

  • George, S. (Fellow). (September – October 2018). Global Learning Exchange in Cuba Leadership Program. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Dalmida, S. G. (Co-PI) (2012-2013). Computerized Virtual Reality Simulation in Clinical Nursing Education. Center for Faculty Development and Excellence Fund for Innovative Teaching (FIT), Emory University. $2,950.
  • Dalmida, S. G. (Co-Coordinator) (2011). Classroom Mini-Grant, for Clinical Nursing I: Maturing and Aging Families. Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, Emory University. $150.

Extramural Research Grants

  • Kirkpatrick, B., George, S. (Consultant) Mugoya, G.C.T., Vaugans, D., Carter, V.(2018-2020). Rural Virtual Therapy for People Living with HIV. Viiv Healthcare, Southern Initiative Positive Action Grant. $25,000.
  • Morales-Aleman, M. (PI), Bradley, L.J. (PI), Graettinger, K. (Co-I), George, S. (Co-I), Lee, A. (Co-I). (2019-2020).Telemedicine-toward Empowering Rural Moms (TERM). Remote Pregnancy Monitoring Challenge. HRSA. $10,000
  • Mumba, M. (PI), George, S. (Co-I/Mentor), Findlay, L. (Co-I/Mentor), & Davis, L. (Co-I/Mentor). (2018). VA Health. Funded by the Veteran’s Affairs Administration. ($174,550).
  • George, S. (PI), Mugoya, G.T. (Co-PI), Kirkpatrick, B. (Co-PI) (2017-2019). Affordable Housing and Community Advocacy for People Living with HIV: Assessing Best Practices and Health Impact. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Interdisciplinary Research Leaders Program Research Grant. $125,000
  • George, S. (PI), Mugoya, G.T. (Co-PI), (Co-I), Kirkpatrick, B. (Co-PI) (2016-2019). Affordable Housing and Community Advocacy for People Living with HIV: Assessing Best Practices and Health Impact. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Interdisciplinary Research Leaders Program Fellowship. $225,000.

Invited Publications

  • George Dalmida, S., Kraemer, K., Ungvary, S., Di Valerio, E., Koenig, H., & Holstad, M.M. (2018). The Psychosocial and Clinical Well-Being of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, Nursing Clinics of North America, 53(2), 203-225.
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Refereed Journal Articles (published or in press)

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