Dr. Rita Gengo is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). She earned her Bachelor's, Master's in Science, and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Brazil. She also holds a Master's in Nursing (Nurse Educator) degree from FAU. Dr. Gengo is a Fellow of the NANDA-International. Her post-doctoral research at The Marjory Gordon Program for Clinical Reasoning and Knowledge Development, NANDA-I/Boston College, focused on developing the Brazilian version of the Functional Health Patterns Assessment Tool. Dr. Gengo worked for 13 years as a registered nurse at the Heart Institute, Medical School, USP on the medical-surgical floor and as a nurse educator.


Previously to joining FAU, she served six years as an Assistant Professor at the USP School of Nursing. Dr. Gengo is a member of a number of professional organizations, such as the American Heart Association and Sigma Theta Tau, and an ad hoc reviewer for several national and international scientific journals. Her clinical area of interest is cardiac nursing. Dr. Gengo's research interests are cardiovascular nursing, symptom management, and developing and testing complex interventions to manage unpleasant symptoms in individuals with cardiovascular diseases. She is also interested in research in nursing classifications (diagnoses, outcomes, and interventions).


  • NUR 4165: Nursing Research

Grants Awarded

  • Co-investigator. Validation of the Nursing Outcome "Knowledge Management: Heart Failure”. Diná de Almeida Lopes Monteiro da Cruz, PI. São Paulo Research Foundation, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
  • PI. Fatigue, Inflammatory Markers and Postoperative Outcomes After Coronary Bypass Grafting. National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, Brazil.
  • Co-investigator. Validation of System Reliability to Support Clinical and Management Decision-Making in Nursing. Heloísa Helena Ciqueto Peres, PI. National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, Brazil.
  • PI. Nursing Interventions and Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetic Outpatients. São Paulo Research Foundation, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
  • Co-investigator. Effectiveness of Nursing Interventions Using the Telephone for Caregivers with Caregiver Role Strain. Diná de Almeida Lopes Monteiro da Cruz, PI. São Paulo Research Foundation, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Recent Publications

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