Dr. Debarshi Datta is a practicing data scientist. He holds a Doctoral degree in Experimental Psychology from the Florida Atlantic University. He has experience working as an AI-driven decision support system in different domains, including healthcare, business, insurance, and image processing. He has the technical proficiency working with full data science cycle: problem statement, data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, modeling, evaluation, data visualization, data storytelling. He has a command of Excel, SPSS, R, Python, SQL, statistical inference, machine learning (supervised and unsupervised).


His career began by practicing optometry in India. During this time, he analyzed data from electronic medical records (EMR), the survey data, and various cross-sectional and retrospective datasets to understand the prevalence of diseases. Moving forward, he focuses on using data-driven domains such as machine learning to understand a prognosis of population-based disease progression modeling.

Recent Publications

  • Datta, D., & Hock, H. S. (2018). Measuring the perceptual grouping of non-adjacent surfaces that are invisibly (amodally) or visibly connected. PloS one, 13(11), e0208000.
  • Datta, D., & Hock, H. S. (2017). Solving the Complexity of Object Occlusions in Scenes: The Grouping of Adjacent Surfaces and Non-Adjacent but Connected Surfaces. Journal of Vision, 17(10), 168-168.
  • Datta, D., & Srinivansan, K. (2009). Clinical Profile of Pseudomyopia – A Retrospective Study, Conference Proceedings, ASIA-ARVO 2009 (pp 128), India.
  • Datta, D., Mani, R., Swaminathan, M., & Thandalam, T. S. (2009). Fresnel Membrane prisms: Clinical Experience and Pearls of Dispensing, Conference Proceedings, ASIA-ARVO 2009 (pp 58-59), India.
  • Datta, D. (2006). Pediatric Concomitant Strabismus and Their Relationship with Different Ametropias, The Indian Optician (New Delhi), 142-150.