Nationally certified in school nursing, Dr. Barry's outstanding and sustained contribution to nursing has been the outcomes of her expertise in community nursing practice, education and research. She has been on the leading edge of developing school based health centers dedicated to overcoming barriers in the delivery of quality care to children and families.

As Co-Director of the Center for School and Community Well Being, over $7 million in grants and contracts was secured to fund nurse managed school based wellness centers and school nurse education programs in southeast U.S. The nurse managed centers in schools often provide the only ongoing access to health care for many children and families The outcomes of improved health, return to class rate and attendance served as the impetus for a substantial and sustained policy change resulting in a school nurse present at every public school in one of the largest school districts in the U.S. serving over 176,000 students.

The positive outcomes of Dr. Barry's scholarship have transformed nursing practice through curricula change, community immersion and policy development. Her publications and presentations at national and international conferences have fostered understanding of the value of caring for the most vulnerable and impacted the professional practice of school nursing, now recognized as an expert practice and venue for access to affordable and ongoing healthcare for children and families in the US, Africa, and Haiti.


I teach undergraduate and graduate courses live in the classroom, e-college and by teleconference
NGR 6703 Advanced Practice Grounded in Caring
NGR 6132 Advanced Nursing Situations: Care of the Family
NUR 4638 Nursing Situations Community
NUR 4042  Transcultural Caring in Nursing

:  My research activities are focused on exploring the meaning of on caring in nursing across practice settings and across the lifespan. I have a particular interest in theory based practice in the community and in schools. I am the co director, along with Dr. S. Gordon, of the Florida School Nurse Reserch Iniatative.

My current research studies are:
    • Delegation in School Nursing
    • Survey of Educational Needs
    • The Parker & Barry Community Nursing Practice Model in the US and Uganda.

Grants Awarded

Evaluation of School Health Program Escambia County  Escambia County, Public Partnership Department of Health, $20,000, 2009, PI; Co PI. Shirley Gordon.  

Recent Publications

Book Chapters:

Parker, M.E. & Barry, C. D. (2010). The development of a community nursing practice model. In Parker, M. & Smith, M. (Eds.) Nursing Theories & Nursing Practice, 3rd edition. Philadelphia: FA Davis.

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2014: Inducted as a Fellow into the American Academy of Nurses

2014: School Nurse Educator of the Year awarded by the National Association of School Nurses

July 2011: Outstanding Oral Presentation Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School Nurses International Conference

2009-2011: Master Teacher, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing FAU         

2009-2011: Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Florida Atlantic University  

2008: Research Award: Sigma Theta Tau, Iota XI Chapter, Christine E. Lynn, College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University

2008: Research Poster Award, Florida School Nurses Association, 2nd Place, with "Florida School Nurse Research Initiative"

2007: Center for Caring Research Award:  Christine E. Lynn,College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University

2007: Research Poster Award, Florida School Nurses Association, 1St  Place, "Delegation as a Lived Expression of Caring"

2006-2008: Honorary Professor,  Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda, Africa

2006: Research Travel Award:  Florida Atlantic University, Office of Research

2006:  Nominated for School Nurse Educator of the Year, National Association of School Nurses

2005:  Recognition Award, National Board for Certification of School Nurses

2005: Nominated for Researcher of the Year, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Florida Atlantic University

2005: Nominated for Educator of the Year, Palm Heath Care Foundation, Palm Beach County

2002: Nominated for Distinguished Teacher of the Year, College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University