Dr.  Cynthia Archibald is from Jamaica who came to the United States on a student visa. She practiced Neonatal and Pediatric Nursing, and after completing doctoral work also attended a two-year postdoctoral summer research institute at the University of Pennsylvania.  Subsequently, she received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct research in HIV/AIDS among Afro-Caribbean population. Through that support, she culturally tailored an HIV/AIDS prevention intervention “Making Proud Choices!” which became Making proud Choices Caribbean Style (MPC!CS): an extension of work done by Jemmott and colleagues.   Dr Archibald targets the church–going adolescents. The goal of her research is to provide Afro-Caribbean teens with the tools and skills necessary to make responsible choices about sex as a means of HIV/AIDS prevention.  Her work also allows Caribbean parents to be comfortable and knowledgeable in speaking to their children about relevant health issues including sexual behaviors. Dr. Archibald’s research has strengthened research capability at Florida Atlantic University and influenced students especially those of Caribbean ethnicity who are prospective nurse scientists. As an educator, Dr Archibald has served with the fervor of a tent revivalist and as role model for many students who were unsure of their ability to succeed. Dr Archibald was nominated as Distinguished Teacher for the College of Nursing and as Distinguished Faculty for Broward Campus. Among many speaking engagements, Dr Archibald  has addressed Black elected officials  on “Health Issues affecting the African American Community in Broward County.” She also presented her work to the White House Office of National AIDS Policy at a National HIV/AIDS Strategy Community Discussion; she also presented expertise on Community-based Participatory Research at a National Health Disparity Conference that was co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. Recently, the Bahamian government sponsored her to present her work in Freeport, and summer 2012, she presented the keynote address at the Association of Black Nursing Faculty and also presented her work at the State of the Science Congress of Nursing Research.

Dr. Archibald has membership including the American and Florida Nurses Associations, Sigma Theta Tau – Iota Xi Chapter, International Nurse Scientists HIV/AIDS Network, and serves on a National Institutes of Health Grant Review Panel. 

As an advocate for health care and the First Lady of an Afro-Caribbean Church, Dr. Archibald is able to parallel disease conditions to relevant biblical applications in order to motivate her congregation to make conscious decisions to maintain health and spiritual integrity. Dr. Archibald is engaged in her community and has empowered many Afro-Caribbean teens through her research.  As a result, she was elected among Florida’s  Leading First Ladies through an organization that Identifies, Connects and Activates  the Black Accomplished (ICABA). 


  • NUR 4165 Nursing Research
  • NUR 3115 Nursing as Discipline and Profession 
  • NUR 4805 Nurse as Scholar 
  • NUR 4175 Caring for Self 
  • NGR 6811  

Grants Awarded

  • Safe Choices to Prevent HIV/AIDS in Afro-Caribbean American Youth 1K01NR 010685-02 National Institutes of Nursing Research (NINR) Archibald, C. M. (2008). Principal Investigator. 
  • A measure of acculturation for English speaking Caribbean-American adolescents at risk for HIV/AIDS (Florida Nurses Foundation, ) Archibald, C. M. (2007). Principal Investigator.
  • Knowledge and attitude regarding HIV/AIDS among Caribbean African American female adolescents living in South Florida. Submitted to Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University $4,465. Archibald, C. M. (2006). Principal Investigator.

Recent Publications

  • Archibald, C. M. (2011). Cultural Tailoring for an Afro-Caribbean Community: A naturalistic approach. Journal of Cultural Diversity, 18(4), 114-119
  • Archibald, C. M. (2010). HIV-Associated stigma in Afro-Caribbean Community. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 24(5), 362-364. 
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  • 2012 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (Florida Atlantic University)
  • 2012 Educator Award (Florida Nurses Association
  • 2012 Distinguished Faculty Nominee ( Broward Campus)
  • 2010 South Florida’s 100 Leading First Ladies of Worship Identify, Connect, and Activate the Black Accomplished (ICABA)
  • 2007 Research Award Florida Nurses’ Foundation
  • 2007 Cultural Diversity Award (Florida Nurses Association District V)
  • 2007 Outstanding Leadership in Health Care Miami Marlins, (Florida Nurses Association District V)
  • 2006 Nominated Distinguished Teacher of the Year (Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing)