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Doctor of Nursing Application Process

Effective June 30, 2011, graduate applications to FAU will no longer be completed through FACTS.ORG.

  • Step 1: First complete a Florida Atlantic University Graduate Application. You must complete the FAU Graduate Application in order to obtain your FAU ID Number (Z number). You will receive your Z number in about 2-5 days after completion of the FAU Graduate Application. 

Send official transcripts from all prior colleges or universities to:

Florida Atlantic University
Graduate College
SU-80, Room 101
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

The following supporting documents will need to be uploaded in order to complete your application 

  • Curriculum vitae (Required Format for CV).
  • Statement of the applicant's goals for the DNP degree of no more than 500 words. 
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic and professional references in which one of whom holds a doctorate. 
  • For Post Masters DNP applicants only: Evidence of national certification and Complete Verification of Post-Baccalaureate Clinical and Practice Hours form.
  • Current licensure in the State of Florida as a registered nurse.

All materials sent to the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing must be submitted by the program deadline.  If you are unable to submit all necessary material by the program deadline, you are advised to save your material and re-apply the following semester.  All program prerequisites including specific courses required for the track of the student's choice must be completed before the application is submitted.   Please visit the specific program pages for application requirements.

Regulations governing admission to the graduate study in Nursing at FAU include those established by both the University and College of Nursing.

Post Masters DNP and BSN-DNP
Deadline: February 1, 2021 - for Summer semester

"All materials submitted in support of your application become the property of Florida Atlantic University. We cannot return materials or copies to applicants. Thank you for considering Florida Atlantic University for your graduate school needs."


Guidelines regarding Letters of Reference

Purpose: The purpose of the letters of reference is to provide the College of Nursing with information about how professional colleagues and associates perceive the applicant's potential success in completing the DNP program. Letters should be on letterhead stationery, dated, with the signature of the person and the person's name and title typed underneath. We are unable to accept letters older than 6 months from the date of application or letters that are not dated and official in appearance. An e-mailed reference or faxed letter must be followed with a mailed hard copy with a written signature.

The following points should be addressed in the letters of reference:

  1. How long has the reference known the applicant?
  2. The relationship of the reference to the applicant (e.g. manager, staff nurse,
  3. Specify information about all of the following in reference to the applicant:
    • Initiative and critical thinking
    • Scholarly achievements and/or dispositions
    • Ability to complete tasks
    • Self-reflection and self-correction
    • Career orientation
    • Impression that the applicant will be able to achieve the DNP degree
    • Overall assessment of the applicants administrative and/or clinical expertise

Acceptable references are from faculty, colleagues, and associates who are qualified to address all characteristics listed above. They may be nurses, physicians, other health team members, administrators, or professors/instructors. One reference should be from a doctorally prepared faculty member from the master's program, if possible.

Although there is no criteria for the length of the reference letter, it is preferred that the letter succinctly provides valuable information that will enable the college to thoroughly evaluate the applicant. Thus, applicants should select references who are able to address all the areas according to direct and first-hand knowledge.

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