Students withdrawing from all classes in the current semester due to exceptional circumstances, such as illness of the student, military conscription, call to active duty, or death of an immediate family member (parent, spouse, child, sibling, or grandparent), may receive a full refund, less nonrefundable fees. Students seeking Exceptional Circumstance withdrawals should contact the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for the appropriate paperwork or visit http://www.fau.edu/dean/exceptional-withdrawal.php.

Drop/Add and Withdrawal

Schedule changes may be made by accessing FAU’s online registration system at http://myfau.fau.edu by the appropriate deadlines. Drop/add requests and withdrawals also may be made through FAU’s Self-Service portal.

For fall and spring semesters, the end of the eighth day of the semester (see the Academic Calendar at www.fau.edu) is the last day for adding/dropping courses and changing sections without incurring a fee and without receiving a "W" on the transcript for dropped courses. Students may continue dropping courses without receiving a "W" on the transcript from the ninth through the 15th day of the semester, but they are fee-liable for the courses during this time.

If a student drops or withdraws from a course from the 16th day of the semester through the eighth week of classes, the student will receive a grade of “W” on the transcript and will be fee-liable for the course. The student may use MyFAU during this period to drop or withdraw from a course. Beyond the eighth week of classes, drops or withdrawals from courses can only be arranged in person in the Office of the Registrar. After the eighth week of classes, a drop or withdrawal incurs an “F” on the student’s transcript and the student remains fee-liable.

The extended drop period does not apply during summer terms. To drop or withdraw from courses during summer terms, students should follow the procedures above, but note the shorter time frames in which to complete the drops: the end of the first week of classes is the last day for adding/dropping courses and changing sections. Courses are fee-liable after this date. Refer to the Academic Calendar at www.fau.edu for specific deadlines (and consequences) to drop summer courses after the first week of classes. Proportionate dates for dropping and withdrawing will be established for courses that are offered in less than the normal semester.