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Associate Professor, Lead ANP/GNP Faculty

p. 561-297-3262
f.  561-297-2416

Office: NU 326 in Boca Campus



Florida Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing (2010) 


Florida Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing (2006) 


Florida Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing (2002) 

Post Masters Certificate: Adult Nurse Practitioner 

Florida Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing (2012) 


Florida International University (1999)

BA Management and Communication

Concordia University, Mequon Wisconsin (1996)

Associate Degree Nursing 

Gateway Technical College, Kenosha Wisconsin (1985) 


Dr. Hain is dual ANCC board certified as adult and gerontological nurse practitioner who has practice experience within nephrology nursing, memory disorder clinic and hospice care. Dr. Hain’s scholarly endeavors have focused on improving health outcomes of older adults with chronic kidney disease and those with cognitive impairment. Her current research interests are strategies to improve self-management in an ethnically diverse population with CKD Stage 4 and 5 and Supportive (Palliative) care of older adults with CKD stage 4-5 and ESRD. 

Teaching & Research

Dr. Hain has been the chair of two PhD dissertations and 16 DNP capstone projects involving care of individuals with chronic disease such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, pulmonary disease, and cognitive impairment 

Recent Teaching at Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing:

  • NGR 7738: Public Policy in the Context of Nursing and Health 
  • NGR 7850:  Research for Advanced Practice Nursing
  • NGR 7661: Population-Based Caring in Aging Societies 
  • NGR 6891: Leadership, Policy and finance in Advanced Practice Nursing 
  • NGR 6607: Comprehensive Care of Adolescents through Older Adults
  • NGR 6607L: Comprehensive Care of Adolescents through Older Adults Practicum
  • NGR 6002L: Advanced Nursing Situations in Practice: Health Assessment
  • NGR 6141: Advanced Pathophysiology 
  • NGR 6252 & Lab: Advanced Nursing Situations: Care of Older Adults with Complex, Specialized Health Needs
  • NGR 6233 & Lab: Advanced Nursing Situations: Care of Adults with Complex, Specialized Health Needs
Research (**Funded)

  • Hain, D, Tappen, R. & Leavitt, M.A. (2014) Cognitive Strategies to Improve Medication Self-Administration Post Hospitalization. Funded $2099.00 Christine** 
  • Hain, D. & Haras, M. (2014) The Effect of a Nursing Organization Pre-Conference Evidence-based Practice Workshop on Nephrology Nurses’ Beliefs about the Value of EBP and Ability to Implement in Clinical Practice**
  • Hain, D. & Ordonez, M, (2012-). Fall prevention program for Community Residing Older Adults 
  • Hain, D. Ordonez, M, & Valentine, K. (2012). Fall prevention program for Community Residing Older Adults 
  • Tappen, R.M., Oulsander, J., Hain, D. (Co-Investigator) Ferrante, S, & Almonte, M. (2012). Involving Nursing Home Residents and Families in Acute Care Transfer Decisions. PCORI. Project Period: 07/01/2012 to 06/30/2014. Project amount $682,477**
  • Evans E, Hain, D., Kear, T., Schrauf, C. & Dork, L. Protocol for Hemodialysis Catheter Outcomes: No Dressing Coverage and Randomized Prescribed Showering (Hemo Cath ND/RPS) Study. Role: Sub-Principal Investigator. Funded by American Nephrology Nurses Association ($15,000.00 2011 to 2012)**
  • Hain, D. & Fleck, L. Perceptions of Exercise for Older Adults Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. 
  • Hain, D. Principal Investigator: Effectiveness of an APN-Guided Self-Management Program in Older Adults with Diabetic Kidney Disease.  FAU, Christine E Lynn Center for Caring Research Initiative Awards ($3000.00, 2010-2011)**
  • Touhy, T & Hain, D., Individualized Caregiver Intervention: What Matters Most to Family Carers of Persons with Early Stage Memory Loss. Research Initiative of the Christine E Lynn Center for Caring ($8000.00, 2007 to 2010) **
  • Touhy, T, Sparks, D., & Hain, D. Using Story Theory to Understand the Health Challenges of Living with Mild Memory Loss. Christine E Lynn Center for Caring ($2500.00, 2007 to 2009)** 
  • Hain, D. Principal Investigator.  Evidence of Adherence Status of Cognitively Impaired and Cognitively Intact Elders on Hemodialysis. American Nephrology Nurses Association ($14,999.00, 2006 to 2009)**


Journal Articles: [* indicates data-based]

Hain, D., (May 31, 2013) "Overview and Summary: Delivering Nursing Care: Current Factors to Consider" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 18, No. 2, Overview & Summary 

Hain, D.J. & Sandy, D. (2013) Partners in care: Empowerment through shared decision making. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 40 (2), 153-157

Hain, D.J. & Chan, J. (2013). Best available evidence for peritoneal dialysis catheter exit-site care. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 40 (1), 63-69

Park, J, Hain, D.J., Tappen, R, Diaz, S, & Ouslander, J.G (2012) Factors associated with 30-day hospital readmissions among participants in a care transition quality improvement program. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 3(4), 308-328*

Hain, D.J, Tappen, R. Diaz, S., & Ouslander, J.G. (2012). Characteristics of older adults rehospitalized within 7 and 30 days of discharge. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 38(8), 32-44*

Hain, D. (2012). Fall prevention in adults undergoing in-center hemodialysis. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 39(3), 251-255

Hain, D.J, Tappen, R. Diaz, S., & Ouslander, J.G. (2012) Cognitive impairment and medication self-management errors in older adults discharged home from a community hospital. Home Healthcare Nurse, 30(4), 246-254*

Hain, D.J., Wands, L.M. & Liehr, P. (2011) Approaches used to resolve health challenge in a population of older adults undergoing hemodialysis. Research in Gerontological Nursing.
4(1), 53-62*

Ouslander, J.G., Diaz, S., Hain, D., & Tappen, R. (2011). Frequency and diagnosis associated with seven and thirty-day readmission of skilled nursing facility patients to a non-teaching community hospital. Journal of American Medical Directors, 12, 195-203*

Hain, D. Dunn, D.J. & Tappen, R. (2011). Patient-provider partnering in a memory disorder center. Journal of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners,23(6) 351-356 

Hain, D, Touhy, T.A., & Engström, G. (2010). What matters most to carers of people with mild to moderate dementia as evidence for transforming care.  Alzheimer’s Care Today, 11(3), 162-171*

Hain, D, Calvin, D.J., & Simmons, D.E. (2009). CKD education: An evolving concept. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 36(3), 317-319

Hain, D. (2008). Cognitive function and adherence of older adults undergoing hemodialysis. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 35(10, 23-29 *

Kinzner, C.L. & Hain, D.J. (2007). Understanding the eGFR. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 34 (6), 655-675

Hain, D. & Meese-Morris,S. (2012). Renal diet. Renal Consult. Clinician Reviews, 22(3), 5-6

Hain, D. & Bonsu-Sewaah, A. (2012) Advanced Practice, keep our profession alive: Meeting the demand for more nephrologists. Nephrology News & Issues, 14-15. 

Hain, D (2012). How to engage the dialysis team. Live and Give (the bi-annual update helping to educate and motivate people living with chronic kidney disease), 7 (2), 6. 

Hain, D. (2011). Medications and the renal patient. Renal Consult. Clinician Reviews, 27(6), 50

Hain, D. (2011). Home-based biobehavioural intervention reduces dependence, increases engagement of patients with dementia in the short-term and improves care giver well-being and confidence. Evidence Based Nursing, 14, 39-40 

Hain, D. (2010) CKD Education: Honoring Individuals as They Learn Self-Management Skills. RenaLink,11(2), 7-9

Davis, J.S, Liles, A.M. & Hain, D.J. (2010) Chronic Kidney Disease. Advance for Nurse Practitioners, 18(7), 30-34

Dissertation: Cognition and Adherence in Older Adults Undergoing Hemodialysis May 2006
Chair: Dr. Patricia Liehr (Christine E Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University. Boca Raton, Florida 

Book Chapters: 

Hain, D.J. & Haras, M. (2015) Chronic Kidney Disease. In C. S. Counts (Ed.) Core Curriculum for nephrology nursing: Module 2. Physiologic and psychosocial basis for nephrology nursing practice. (6th ed., pp. 153-188) Pitman NJ: American Nephrology Nurses Association. (Author and editor of the chapter)

Hain, D. (2015). Caring between a nurse practitioner and an adult living with end-stage kidney disease transitioning to home care. In Barry, CD, Gordon, SC. & King, BM. Nursing case studies in caring: across the practice spectrum (pp. 142-148) New York: Springer Publishing Company 

Mauk, KL, Hanson, P, & Hain, D. (2014). Illness and disease management. In K.L. Mauk, Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care, Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett

Hain, D. (2013). Assessing older women’s health. In Youngkin, E,. Q, Davis, M, S, Schadewald, D, & Juve, C. Women’s Health: A Primary Care Clinical Guide, 4th ed.  Ohio: Pearson

Hain, D. (2009). Clinical application: CQI conservative management. In Axley, B. & Robbins, K.C. Eds. Applying Continuous Quality Improvement in Clinical practice. 2nd ed. New Jersey: American Nephrology Nurses Association

Guest Editorials, Book Reviews, Other Publications 

Hain, D. (2015). Reviewer for Counts, C. Ed. Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing, 6th ed. Pitman, New Jersey: American Nephrology Nurses Association.

Hain, D. (2011). Response to chapter by Liehr, P. & Smith, M.J. Modeling the complexity of story theory. In A. Davidson, M.Ray, & M. Turkel (Eds). Nursing, Caring, and Complexity Science: for Human-Environment Well-being. New York: Springer Publishing Company 
Book Review for Counts, C. Ed. Core Curriculum for Nephrology Nursing, 5th edition,  American Nurses’ Association
External Reviewer: KDIGO Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, Prevention, and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD)

Recognition & Awards

2015 Advanced Practice Nursing Award, Florida Nurses Association, South Region

2014 Visiting Professor, University of Philippines Manila, College of Nursing

2014 Excellence in Research, Gerontological Advanced Practice Nursing Association

2014 Inducted as Fellow, American Association of Nurse Practitioners

2013-2014 Scholar of the Year at Assistant Professor Level, Florida Atlantic University, University Research Committee

2014 Nephrology Nurse Researcher Award, American Nephrology Nurses' Assocation 45th National Symposium, Anaheim, California

2013 Great 100 Nurses, Category of Nurses, Florida Nurses Association

2012 The Daisy Faculty Award from the Daisy Foundation 

2011 Tim Poole Memorial Award from the National Kidney Foundation

2010 Presidential Poster Award Models of Geriatric Care Category from American Geriatrics Society

2008 Outstanding Nephrology Advanced Practitioner from American Nephrology Nurses Association 

2002 Clinical Excellence Award Graduate Student from Florida Atlantic University 

Selected Professional Activities 

2015 Renal Measure Endorsement Maintenance  National Quality Forum Project 

2014 ESRD Quality Measures Development, University of Michigan: Kidney Maintenance and Support Functional Epidemiology and Cost Center as a Status TEP contractor for CMS
2014 Expert Panel for Ad Hoc Review of NQF National Quality Forum Measure-0255-Measurement of Serum Phosphorus Concentration 

2014 Consortium of Peer Reviewers & Authors University of the Philippines, College Writing for Publication Workshop School of Nursing

2014 American Association of Nurse  Grant Reviewer Practitioners 

2014 Nursing Scope and Standards Advisory American Nurses Association, Group Revision 2010 Scope and Standards of Nursing 2nd edition

2014 Facilitated Learning to Advance Geriatrics University of Minnesota Member of Planning Committee for National Hartford Centers of Workshop Boca Raton, Florida Gerontological Nursing Excellence 

2014-16  Florida Nurses Association Appointed South Region Legislative & South Region HP-SIG Liaison

2014 National Kidney Foundation, CME/CE reviewer for CKD: The Cardiac-Kidney-Diabetes Connection Annual Regional Symposium, New York

2014 Advanced in Chronic Kidney Disease, Peer reviewer for manuscripts

2014 American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Abstract reviewer

2013-2014 Kidney Care Partners, External reviewer for "A Strategic Blueprint for Advancing Kidney Care Quality"

2012 Grant reviewer for Health Care Innovation Challenge Grant Review for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 

2012 Member of Advisory Board Online Journal of Issues in Nursing

2012 Alternate representative for the American Nurses Association Joint Commission’s Ambulatory Care Professionals & Technical Advisory Committee 

2010 to 2013 Representative of the American Nephrology Nurses Association on the Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics, American Nurses Association 

2012 Alumni of the Edmond J Safra Visiting Nurse Faculty Program , Miller School of Medicine, Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center , University of Miami, Department of Neurology 

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