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About the Center
Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring
The mission of the Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring is to humanize care for residents of Boca Raton as well as the broader regional, national and international community. The Center is grounded in the caring philosophy of the College. Through the Center, initiatives related to mission in education, research and service are advanced. Two major foci of the Center are projects to transform nursing practice and reduce health disparities.
Drs. Patricia Liehr and Marlaine Smith serve as Co-Directors of the Center.
A major initiative now underway is development of the Archives of Caring in Nursing.
The purpose of the Archives is to preserve original works on caring from nurse scholars from across the world.  It is the only international center for the study of caring, and supports the Center's goal related to transforming nursing practice through the study of caring.   Those interested in contributing their work can contact Dr. Marlaine Smith at  Scholars who wish to visit the Archives for research can contact to arrange for on-site use of the materials.
Educational programs are also supported by the Center. For instance, the Peace Studies Program (College of Arts and Letters) and the Center for Caring co-hosted Peaceful Mind, Peaceful World, a lecture and workshop series teaching skills for focused, intentional living. The Center co-sponsored Liz Lerman, recipient of the MacArthur Foundation "genius award" fellowship, to speak about addressing conflict resolution through performing art. Dialogues on the intersection between arts and healing and the relationship of touch to philosophy of the body have been ongoing. Finally, community education and research initiatives with the Cherokee Nation address health disparities and promote the dissemination of Native American wisdom. The Center sponsors Visiting Scholars to inspire dialogue and creative work. The Center partnered with the Schmidt Family Foundation and other colleges to offer a Compassionate Care Conference April 5-7, 2013 with James Finley.

Caring Scholars Conference News Release
Historic Gathering of Nursing Scholars Focuses on Caring in Nursing

BOCA RATON, FL (April 23, 2008) Six of the most recognized nursing scholars, whose work has focused on Caring in nursing, gathered for a historic dialogue on Monday, March 31 at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University. This event marked the first time that the scholars have gathered together for dialogue focused on the advancement of Caring in nursing. The scholars included Anne Boykin, Madeleine Leininger, Marilyn Ray, Sister Simone Roach, Marlaine Smith, Jean Watson and Zane Wolf. All shared their vision of the future of knowledge development related to Caring and how that knowledge can make a difference in health and health care.
In a morning plenary session, more than 200 faculty, students, alumni and community nursing leaders gathered in the College of Nursing auditorium. Leininger, a prolific author, nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize and one of the first nurse anthropologists, presented her research on how Caring is expressed in various cultures. She spoke about the male role of protection in Papua, New Guinea and other cultures. Watson, distinguished professor at the University of Colorado, described her work in consulting with hospitals that are developing practice models based on Caring throughout the U.S. Roach, a prominent Canadian nurse philosopher and author, focused on the sacred acts of Caring in everyday nursing practice. Wolf, dean of nursing at LaSalle University, urged nursing administrators to formalize Caring as expectations within health care policies and processes. Through the story of a colleague's recent experience receiving care for a serious illness, Ray, professor emeritus at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing and noted theorist, asserted the importance of preserving the language of Caring in medical information systems. The afternoon session was an open dialogue among the scholars, faculty and doctoral students.
The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing is internationally recognized as a hub for the study and advancement of Caring in nursing and houses the only Archives of Caring in the world. "Our hope is that the College will be a beacon for those devoted to the study of Caring, and living it to touch lives and transform health care," said Anne Boykin, dean and professor of the College.
To see clips from the conference, click on the link below:

CEL Center for Caring Visiting Scholars
Each year the Center supports Visiting Scholars who share their work with faculty, students, and community members. Some of the past Visiting Scholars have been:

  • Dr. Peggy Chinn
  • Dr. Charlotte Delmar
  • Dr. Barbara Guthrie
  • Dr. Christopher Johns
  • Dr. Gail Mitchell
  • Dr. Margaret Newman
  • Dr. Carol Picard
  • Dr. Rita Pickler
  • Dr. Pamela Reed
  • Dr. Lynn Rew
  • Dr. Savina Schoenhofer
  • Dr. Zane Wolf
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