Ashley Rivera

Ashely Rivera

ASHLEY RIVERA is a PhD student and recipient of the esteemed Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare grant. She is focusing her dissertation work on improving the quality of life for the families of children with chronic illnesses, particularly families of children with congenital conditions that create chronic medical fragility, such as deMoiser Syndrome, Hurlers Syndrome,  and Sickle Cell Disease.

Ashley holds a Master of Science in Nursing degree and is certified as a diabetes educator. Upon graduation, she would like to work as a nursing faculty member while continuing her research to advance caring science. Ashley was working as a firefighter/paramedic when she decided to pursue nursing.  She liked the variety of career paths available, all of which are connected by caring for others.

“Nurses interact with people on their worst days. A good nurse can make that day a little less terrible by bringing people comfort,” she said.

Ashley has enjoyed working with mentors and advisors in the College. “The College attracts elite researchers who mentor doctoral students learning to hone their research skills.”