Michelle VillarMichelle Villar

Michelle Villar is pursuing a PhD in nursing. Upon completion of her degree, she aspires to become a full­time faculty member at a four-year university - hopefully, FAU - and wants to conduct research to advance nursing practice. As a young child, Michelle was inspired by the nurses who cared for her when she was sick. "This profession allows us to practice caring for others, which directly impacts their lives in so many ways;' she said. A recipient of the Rothenberger Scholarship and Nettie Birnback Research Scholarship, she says the funds "alleviated any financial stress placed on my family when
I decided to return to school for my PhD.'' Michelle said the mission and values of FAU's College of Nursing closely match her own values, which include caring and advancing science. "I love the representation of the faculty, as they all seem to personify the School's core values. The faculty exude caring and are very knowledgeable in the nursing discipline - where it has been, where it is today, and where its future is heading.'' She loves that her program of study is geared at advancing the profession
of nursing while preparing her to one day teach and inspire others.