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Marcco Petit-Bien

Marcco Petit-Bien

Marcco Petit-Bien teaches biology in the Palm Beach County School District. He feels a great sense of fulfillment educating and mentoring young adults as they move forward in their journey.

Marcco is observant, naturally inquisitive and loves to learn. These traits put him on the path to become part of the inaugural class of the second-degree, part-time BSN program at FAU’s College of Nursing.

While reflecting on these uncertain times as a result of Covid-19, Marcco observes how some lost loved ones, some feel a financial strain due to unemployment, and others are depressed as their life has been upended. “Everything is affected. My hometown, where a lot of my family lives, has one of the highest infection rates in Palm Beach County. It is nerve-racking to see the news and the statistics, and even worse, having a clinical understanding of how quickly someone can deteriorate,” he said

“Life is seldom a smooth, straight path, but rather a rigid, rocky road with many challenges and tests. We must endure and continue our journey whatever that may be. I self-reflect often, and in living through this situation and others, I have learned coping mechanisms I apply in my life daily. I know where my compass is pointed and regardless of what may come, I will find a way to adjust and continue forward as we all should.”