Alaiya Dewji

Alaiya Dewji

Alaiya Dewji watched her mother wage a battle against cancer. The last 50 days of her mother’s life, Alaiya observed her mother and loved ones receive the comfort, care and attention they so desperately needed from the nurses that surrounded them. It was at that point Alaiya received her call to nursing. She wanted to positively impact other families who were going through challenging health experiences.

“Everybody receives their calling in life, some later than others, but they will know it. For me, nursing allows me to be the best version of myself,” said Alaiya. “Nursing is a passion, a privilege, an inspiration, an act of unconditional love and care I am providing from my heart to help individuals in need of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support. It’s a feeling that cannot be put into words -- a feeling of gratitude and self-worth that is priceless.”

Upon acceptance to FAU’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Alaiya has been given an array of opportunities, including clinical work experience, traveling on a medical mission trip to Guatemala, as well as volunteer opportunities within the university community and throughout the region with a variety of organizations. She also served as Treasurer of the Student Nurses Association, Vice President of the International Honors Society for Nurses Sigma Theta Tau, and Student Ambassador for FAU’s College of Nursing at the NCSF Conference. She was also author of the transcultural nursing resolution presented at FNSA and NSNA conventions, and recipient of the EXCEL Clinical Program at Memorial Regional Hospital. These opportunities helped her continue her personal and professional growth, and allowed her to grow into the role of a leader.

With the help of her peers and support of the faculty, she has acquired skills she will carry into the nursing profession that will help her to provide the high-quality, patient-centered care that her patients deserve.

“To witness families going through some of their hardest times in life, at their most vulnerable moments, and to know that I provided them with the safest and most comfortable environment during these times, that is the most rewarding feeling I will ever experience. The power of a smile, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen – these are all why I chose this professional path,” said Alaiya.