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Dr. Patricia Liehr

Dr. Liehr joined FAU’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing as professor and first associate dean for nursing research and scholarship in 2004. She developed the infrastructure for research support and built a solid foundation for faculty research success at the College. Dr. Liehr’s teaching draws on her expertise with theory-development and research. Her research addresses peace, both personal and global. She studies interventions such as yoga, mindfulness and story-centered care, and she explores the use of creative story-based approaches to bridge misunderstandings at a global level.

Currently, Dr. Liehr works with a multidisciplinary team focused on disseminating findings from a study of health stories from Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima survivors through the documentary theatre performance, “With Their Voice Raised.” “Voices” has been performed in the United States and Japan; it has been used to educate high school students about the human face of war and the importance of pursuing peace.