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Deborah D’Avolio

Karethy Edwards

Deborah D’Avolio, PhD, BC-ACNP, ANP, NC-BC, Associate Professor, FAU’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, and Nurse Practitioner, Louis and Anne Green Memory & Wellness Center

Dr. Deborah D'Avolio is dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable, cognitively impaired older adults and their family caregivers through interventions, which promote cognitive and functional health. She has integrated her passion for gerontology into her teaching, practice and research. Dr. D’Avolio’s research focuses on delirium prevention among older adults. Older adults with dementia who develop delirium have a greater risk of adverse outcomes. Delirium is preventable, treatable, frequently misdiagnosed and often not recognized by health care providers and family caregivers. In her current study, funded by the Network for the Investigation of Delirium: Unifying Scientists, Dr. D’Avolio is working toward a possible solution - engaging caregivers through a remote monitoring and technology-assisted nurse coaching intervention. Delirium prevention among family caregivers of older adults with dementia remains unexplored. Addressing this gap is important because family caregivers have valuable insight about subtle changes in cognition. This project addresses the needs of family caregivers, and offers both access and support to delirium prevention.