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The Nursing Leadership Institute is dedicated to providing education that incorporates the art and science of caring nursing leadership. Our educational programs are designed to help nursing leaders develop competencies to provide caring and supportive environments for their staff and patients.

Our Vision

The Nursing Leadership Institute will serve as an exemplar of a community-university nursing partnership grounded in caring. Built on this essential value, the Institute is dedicated to the support and development of nursing leaders. The art and science of nursing leadership is integrated with goals of providing quality care in a safe and fiscally responsible manner.

Nursing Leadership Institute Competency Model

The Nursing Leadership Competency Model is based on findings from NLI's 2002 research study, "Identification of Critical Leadership Competencies for Today's Nurse Manager." The study involved one-on-one interviews with 120 nurse managers in 24 health care agencies throughout South Florida, to determine their perspective on the skills needed by nursing leaders today. Click on the documents below for complete study details.

 Overview of the NLI Competency Model

 Information about the NLI Competency Model