Sustaining the Caregiver Programs


This array of programs and services is tailored to address the needs of spouses, companions, adult children, other family members, and friends caring for or providing assistance to individuals with memory disorders. These programs are built on the understanding that memory disorders can be frustrating, challenging and sometimes puzzling. They assume that information, education, and support can help both the caregiver and the person with the memory disorder to maintain the highest possible levels of health, wellbeing, and quality of life. 


Most of these programs are complimentary as a result of many generous grants and gifts and the support of our Caring Hearts Auxiliary. These programs include the following:


  • Care Consultations - A staff member provides caregivers with individualized wellness consultations based on "what matters most" at the time of the consultation. The intent is to provide information that will assist with positive approaches to care of the person with the memory disorder and well as promote the health and wellbeing of the caregiver.  These are typically one-time, issue-focused visits provided on an as-needed basis.
  • Counseling - Counseling is available to caregivers who are struggling with emotional reactions (most often sadness, depression, anxiety and stress) to their changing roles and responsibilities.  (See above description.)
  • SPA for Caregivers - Self Preservation Activities and Educational presentations help inform caregivers about a variety of issues associated with caring for someone with a memory disorder.  Topics include: understanding the diagnosis of dementia, medication issues, handling difficult behavior, planning for the future, recommended lifestyle interventions, and managing stress.  
  • Community Education and Outreach - the Memory and Wellness Center offers the “MINDSET” classes, which are fee for service activities conducted at the Center. We also offer free educational presentations to the community, such as “Keeping Your Mind Sharp” lectures. Please contact us if you would like to attend one of these activities or if your organization or community is interested in hosting a lecture.


Dates and content subject to change.  For more information and registration for any of the above events, call:  561-297-0933.

Virtual Support Groups schedule

In light of the current pandemic, the MWC has switched all in-person support groups to meeting via an FAU-approved virtual platform, called WebEx. Please find the weekly schedule of virtual support groups below, along with a description of each group, in order to find the best fit, population-wise, to obtain the support you may need.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday                Friday             
  Young Onset Caregiver
Support Group
12:00 PM
Support Group
10:00 AM

Adult Children Caregiver
Support Group
5:00 PM


  General Caregiver
Support Group
5:00 PM
General Caregiver
Support Group
4:00 PM


Adult Children Caregiver Support Group - for family members involved in the care of someone with a memory disorder - children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews focused.


Young-Onset Caregiver Support Group - for family caregivers (family members involved in the care of a loved one with a memory disorder) who was diagnosed before the age of 65.


General Caregiver Support Group - for family caregivers (family members involved in the care of a loved one with a memory disorder) - spousal caregiver focused.


"Transitions" Support Group - for family caregivers whose loved ones have passed on; this group focuses on the transitions relating to and within the family caregiver role after the loss of a loved one.


If you are interested in joining a group, please contact Patricia Ordóñez, Supportive Services Coordinator, at or call (561) 297-0502.