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Initiative for Intentional Health

The Initiative for Intentional Health is dedicated to developing human potential, self knowledge, mindfulness and an intentional lifestyle. Our mission is to establish caring relationships in an environment that fosters respect for individuality, compassion, dignity, discovery, joyful learning and balance.

The programs of the Initiative are designed to foster a sense of personal responsibility for one's own health and well being. Our two-pronged approach includes:

  • Educating and serving the public through cost-effective classes and informational seminars.
  • Researching and reporting on the effectiveness of various health care therapies.

The Initiative for Intentional Health was founded in response to a call for holistic nursing care in our community. Holistic nursing exalts intuition and the integration of body, mind and spirit as critical to health and well being. Holistic practitioners work at being authentically present with each person in their care, with the aim of discovering new paths to health and healing.