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Organization Purpose

This Nurse-led person-centered practices is grounded on our caring philosophy, and dedicated to increase access to comprehensive quality and culturally sensitive care to underserved populations, while training the next generation of health care professionals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the FAU/NCHA Community Health Center is to provide comprehensive and culturally sensitive primary care services to the community based on the College of Nursing’s philosophy of caring and commitment to health equity.

As a part of Florida Atlantic University, the Community Health Center is a site dedicated to enriching student learning, faculty research and scholarship.

Vision Statement

The FAU/NCHA Community Health Center will improve health equity and create healthy communities by providing community-based primary care grounded in a philosophy of caring.

Our Caring Philosophy

Nursing is a discipline of knowledge and professional practice grounded in caring.  

Nursing makes a unique contribution to society by nurturing the wholeness of persons within a caring environment. Caring in nursing is an intentional, mutual, human process in which the nurse artistically responds with authentic presence to calls from persons to enhance well-being.  Nursing occurs in nursing situations: co-created lived experiences in which the caring between nurses and persons enhance well-being. The art of nursing is the creative use of nursing knowledge in practice. Nurses collaborate and lead interprofessional research and practice, to support the health and well-being of persons inextricably connected within a diverse global society.

Persons as participants in the co-created nursing situation, refers to individuals, families or communities. Persons are referred to as unique, dynamically interconnected, and present within the environment of caring relationships. Persons are nurtured in their wholeness and well-being, through caring relationships.  

A caring environment is one in which all aspects of the person are respected, nurtured and celebrated. The learning environment supports faculty-student relationships that honor and value the contributions of all, as well as shared learning and growth. 

The above fundamental beliefs concerning Nursing, Persons and Learning express our values, and guide the actions of Faculty, as they pursue the missions of teaching, research/scholarship and service shared by the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing and the Florida Atlantic University/Northwest Community Health Alliance Community Health Center.


Would you like to make a donation to further our work in the community?

You can visit the FAU Foundation Pledge Page  to make a donation online. Please specify “Other” and designate your donation to “FAU/NCHA Community Health Center”.

If you prefer, you can donate by sending a check:

Mail to: The FAU/NCHA Community Health Center

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On behalf of our Director, staff, and all those that utilize our services, we would like to say…

Thank You!