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The VetResearchHub is an interactive webpage where veterans and their loved ones can learn about the processes of research participation and discover opportunities to take part in research available within their community. We have created a space where veterans are able to access modules within the Veteran-Driven Research Participation Program that demystify the procedures associated with research. After completing these modules, veterans have the opportunity to directly contact researchers focused on Patient-Centered Outcome Research (PCOR) and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) they are interested in potentially collaborating with. These modules narrated by, created with, and improved with the help of veterans aims to provide our veterans with a secure and informative space to connect with other stakeholders to further advance veteran-centered research. The VetResearchHub is focused on improving health outcomes to align with the everyday needs of veterans around the nation. By helping our veterans become active participants in research, we are able to bridge together the gap that exist between effective treatment and access for all veterans.

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The modules in the Veteran-Driven Research Participation Program were created by and with the help of veterans through every step of the process. Completion of this program prepares veterans to act as full partners in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER). Please click below to continue to the course.

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Research Partnership Opportunities

Below is a list of research participation opportunities within your area.

Research Participation Opportunities

Below is a list of research participation opportunities within your area.

Please let me introduce myself and the purpose of this study. My name is Kristie Morales and I used to work for C-P.A.W.W. as a research assistant before leaving to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology. However, my commitment to military and veteran health has continued throughout my education. This study is being conducted for the completion of my dissertation and degree for Spalding University. It is not affiliated with C-P.A.W.W. Please see below for description of the study and link to access:

Have you served? Are you currently military connected?

If so, you are being asked to participate in the research study, “Individual Protective Factors and PTSD in Military Veterans: Examining Differences Connected with Risk and Psychological Health Outcomes.” This study is being done so we can learn how people cope with stress during or after serving. This will help us know more about veteran and service-connected experiences with posttraumatic stress, alcohol use, and other individual traits.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the surveys. Afterwards, you will also have the chance to enter a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. You will be asked for your email in a separate survey. A total of two gift cards will be given away.

Please contact Kristie Morales, M.A. at kmorales@spalding.edu,or Norah Chapman, Ph.D. (faculty) at nchapman02@spalding.edu if you have questions.
Thank you for considering.

Click link to begin: https://spalding.questionpro.com/t/ASnX1ZmN76

Evaluating the Efficacy of a Service Dog Training Program for Military Veterans with PTSD

Description:The University of Maryland School of Nursing has been awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grant in conjunction with Canines Providing Assistance to Wounded Warriors (C-P.A.W.W.).This study is taking place at both Warrior Canine Connection in Boyds, Maryland Website: https://warriorcanineconnection.org/ and in the community.

We are looking for local veterans to voluntarily participate in this 8-week study. Participants needed for the research study and study details include: Military Veteran with PTSD Interested in training a service dog to help another veteran Participants will be compensated for their time.
You can also click on the following link for a flyer about this study: Recruitment Flyer

Contact information:

For more information, email Ms. Taber at dtaber@umaryland.edu or Dr. Friedmann at friedmann@umaryland.edu or call (410) 706-4233 or (410) 706-0659.

The PI’s for this project are Dr. Erika Friedmann email: friedmann@umaryland.edu and Dr. Cheryl Krause-Parello email: ckrausep@health.fau.edu

Our PCORI Funded Outcomes

Below is a list of the outcomes from our projects funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Veterans’ Action League 2.0: A White Paper on Patient-Centered Chronic Pain Management

Veterans Action League (VAL) 2.0 provides a neutral platform for key stakeholders to share opinions, obstacles, and research ideas for improving chronic pain management and treatment. VAL Units formed in Georgia, Illinois, Florida, and Virginia led by Veteran Unit Leaders (Unit-L’s) will drive the creation of a National Veteran-Centered Chronic Pain Research Agenda (NV-CCPA). Together, we created a White Paper to outline our projects objectives, as well as shed insight on approaches for chronic pain management and treatments for Veterans.

Operation PCOR: A Community Engagement Project Preparing Veterans as Full Partners in PTSD-Related Research

This project outlines the outcomes of the community engagement project, Operation PCOR, designed to train veterans as full partners and join forces with researchers on PTSD-related patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and comparative effectiveness research (CER).

To access the manuscript of the project, you can access it in the Journal of Veteran Studies.

View Operation PCOR Publication

Toward Veteran-Centered Research: A Veteran-Focused Community Engagement Project

This publication details the Veteran Action League project, which was developed with the purpose of this U.S.-based multi-state, veteran-focused community engagement project was to create a platform from which U.S. veterans could dialogue and identify their (1) research priorities; (2) barriers to research partnerships and participation; (3) recommendations for engaging other veterans in the research enterprise; and (4) preferences for how they would like to receive research findings.

To access the manuscript of the project, you can access it in the Journal of Veteran Studies.

View Toward Veteran-Centered Research Publication

Protective Factors for Suicide: A Multi-Tiered Veteran-Driven Community Engagement Project

This project was designed to employ community engagement methods in order to accomplish two objectives: uncover accessible, existing factors protective against suicidality in veterans and develop a related comparative effectiveness research (CER) question.

To access the manuscript of the project, you can access it in the Journal of Veteran Studies.

View Protective Factors for Suicide Publication

VAL 2.0 Town Hall


At 59:20 during the VAL 2.0 Town Hall Video, an individual referenced Jodi Lott; her official title is Representative Jodi Lott of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Veterans Action League 2.0 Toolkit

A Capacity-Building Toolkit For Engaging Veterans In Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and Dissemination of Findings During the COVID-19 Pandemic Description: This publication was developed as part of the Veterans Action League (VAL) 2.0 project to be utilized as a resource for other awardees, potential awardees, for individuals interested in a PCOR/CER project, and the research community. Specifically, these recommendations are beneficial to those partaking in PCOR/CER within the veteran community or those whose decisions or policies directly impact this community. The authors of this Toolkit worked collectively to provide highly insightful information to promote successful engagement with the veteran community.

View VAL 2.0 Toolkit