S. Julianna Moreno

Research Assistant

S. Julianna MorenoJulianna is currently enrolled as a freshman in the Direct Nursing Program. She has lived in South Florida her whole life and decided to follow her dream of becoming a nurse at Florida Atlantic University to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She joins the C-P.A.W.W. team as a research assistant to support veterans in the community and to investigate the therapeutic benefits of the human-animal bond. Julianna was inspired to join after her brother returned home from a military mission overseas. Since returning home from deployment, Julianna noticed the help her dog has given her brother while readjusting to civilian life. Julianna also spends her time volunteering in the community to help raise funds to fight against cancer. Having witnessed the effects of both cancer and deployment, she saw the wonders dogs are able to provide for people when they needed the most support. Her rescue dog, Rocco, has brought a lot of joy to Julianna and her family, especially through the stress that sometimes comes with nursing school. In her free time, Julianna finds pleasure in playing her ukulele, reading, and spending time with her loved ones.​