Jacquelyn "Jackie" Baldwin, BSN

Research Assistant

Jackie BaldwinJacquelyn (Jackie) obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University with a minor in Sociology in hopes it would help her learn more about society's impact on different groups in the population. She plans to apply this knowledge to her future career in nursing to provide the best care possible to patients with all different backgrounds. Her father served in the United States Air Force and retired after 33 years. Her family recently rescued a black lab mix named Tucker. He, and other dogs her family has had in the past, has been a great source of comfort for her father and the rest of her family. Growing up in a military family, she sees how much of an impact pets can have on getting members of the military and their families through hard times. This, along with an interest in establishing more non-pharmacological measures that can help a wide variety of people, was why she was interested in becoming part of the C-P.A.W.W. team. Jackie believes that there should be more resources available to help veterans and is very excited to be part of a team working toward this.

Email: jbaldwin2018@health.fau.edu