Sgt. David A. Hibler, MS

Military Veteran Consultant

David Hibberd with dogs

  David Hibler, who served as a U.S. Army Combat Medic in Iraq, is now continuing to help people through his PhD research at the Ohio State University. David is currently studying complex social systems after completing his M.S. in Public Health in 2020. David’s heart for helping others is why he became a Combat Medic, and now is why he strives to improve public health knowledge and policy, especially regarding his brothers and sisters in the Veteran community. As a Veteran, he understands the healthcare challenges that the Veteran community faces. He currently works to improve conditions for Veterans through advocacy, engagement, and human-animal interactions. David has always had a unique connection with animals, especially dogs, and this is one reason why he became involved with C-P.A.W.W. Over the last several years, David has shown through his experience, education, and continued collaboration on C-P.A.W.W. projects that he is an invaluable asset on the C-P.A.W.W. team as a Military Veteran Research Consultant. ​