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FNA Advocacy Days

Jan 22, 2016

FNA Advocacy DaysThe past two days, Dr. Barry and Dr. Goodman were in Tallahassee for the FNA Advocacy Days. They were accompanied by two prelicensure students (who are also state FNSA officers), two PhD students, and two DNP students. They all met with our elected senators and representatives and advocated for passage of these bills. The students were prepped, practicing what to say, with talking points, and their “elevator” speeches. They did a wonderful job and were thrilled to actually find their voice and use it to impact health care in our state. They learned how bills are written and moved through to passage. 
It is especially meaningful that two of the  bills for which they were advocating have passed in the Health and Human Services Committee Hearing.

Today they see the fruits of their efforts and they are thrilled that these bills are now going to the House floor.