My interest in aging and caring for older adults began as a teenager, at the age of 13,  when I volunteered as a nursing assistant at a nearby nursing home.  Listening to elders stories helped me to gain understanding of their unique perspectives and behavioral responses. After graduating from nursing school with a BSN degree, I immediately sought graduate study to specialize in care of older adults and became a nationally certified Gerontological Nurse Practitioner.

As a clinical scholar for nearly 35 years, grounded in Gerontological Nursing and academic practice, I founded and directed one of the first nurse-led Falls Assessment and Prevention Programs in the country at UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine. Here I spearheaded an interdisciplinary team evaluation of older adults who fell from the community. My clinical practice work in falls spurred my interest to pursue a doctoral degree in nursing science where my doctoral dissertation research examined the lived experience and meaning of a serious fall to older adults. 

I am a Post-Doctoral alumni and clinical scholar of the National Hartford Center for Gerontological Nursing Excellence and an emerging nurse scientist with national recognition as an expert in care of older adults (geriatric nursing) and falls prevention. As an advance practice nurse, I am grounded in practice, with legacy of leadership in translational health services research in nursing homes.  My program of research concerns quality of care and patient safety in the aftermath of a fall within nursing homes. As a clinical scholar, I am dedicated to teaching excellence, creation of research evidence for best practice in falls prevention and collaboration for policy change at the state and national level. 


I teach across all levels of nursing education both in person and through on-line learning. I have a long history of mentoring undergraduate nursing, graduate nursing, and bio engineering students in conducting clinical research with older adults in long-term care. I have 35 years experience in teaching, mentoring and designing innovative curricular models in teaching faculty how to care for older adults. Currently I am teaching:

            NGR 6812 Evidenced Based Practice for Nursing (graduate level)



The scholarship during my professional career has centered on research in the prevention of falls among older adults in nursing homes, older adult’s perceptions of “serious” falls (qualitative research of lived experience), clinical care of frail elders, and enhancing geriatric nursing education. My research innovation includes tool development, validity, clinical congruency and feasibility testing of the Post-Fall Index, a 30-item, a comprehensive post-fall assessment tool and process of care measure available for use by registered nurses in nursing homes. As the primary investigator of a three year cohort health services research study (2006-2009), I, along with an interprofessional team demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of the Post-Fall IndexTM to reduce falls facility-wide by 30%. This clinical decision support tool has the potential to change the current practice paradigm of falls prevention in long-term care.

As part of my clinical translational research with regard to falls prevention in nursing homes, I have spearheaded several university-based research initiatives with collaborators in biomedical engineering to assess and measure balance in older adults using mobile technology and sensory apps.  Our pioneering work will one day lead to a better understanding of the human response in relation to balance impairment and falls prevention.

Current research activities are focused on:

  • Health services research related to innovative solutions for falls prevention in older adults
  • Mobile technology for training and assessing balance in older adults in long-term care


Grants Awarded

Principal Investigator:

Gray-Miceli, D., William Craelius, W. Mobile Technology for Training and Assessing Balance in Older Adults. Aresty Research Center, Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Rutgers University.  September 2016-2017    

Gray-Miceli, D., Chase, S. “ I’m Falling and I Can Get Up”: Exploration of- and Metrics Used- in the Balancing Act.   Aresty Research Center, Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Rutgers University. September 2016-2017

Gray-Miceli, D., William Craelius, W. Mobile Technology for Training and Assessing Balance in Older Adults. Three $1,000.00 Research Scholarship Funds Awarded to three Undergraduate Students in Research Project Development Aresty Research Center, Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Rutgers University. 2015-2016.

Gray-Miceli, D, Willard S, Cadmus E, Gayle Pearson, Robert Strayer: Leaders Impacting the Healthcare of Frail Elders (LIHFE):  $804,465.00. Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA): Comprehensive Geriatric Education Program. Grant approved for funding, but unfunded. 2012

Gray-Miceli D, Crane G, Ratcliffe S.Staff Nurses Determination of Assessment, Intervention, Enablers and Barriers for the Prevention of Recurrent Falls in Older Adult. 2010-2011. Frances E. Parker Memorial Home Foundation, Inc. New Brunswick, NJ Principal Investigator:   $25,000.00.  

Gray-Miceli D, Johnson J, Ratcliffe S. Feasibility of using the Post Fall Index with older Nursing Home Residents. University of Pennsylvania, Division of Geriatric Medicine Academic Long-Term Care Network Grant Program. Philadelphia, PA. 2006-2009.   $20,000.00. 

Gray-Miceli, D. Post-fall assessment: development and validation of a tool for use with older nursing home residents. Sigma Theta Tau, Xi Chapter Research Award, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Philadelphia 2003-2004. $1,000.00     

Gray-Miceli D. Post-fall assessment: development and validation of a tool for use with older nursing home residents who fal. Frank Morgan Jones Fund (University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing) 2003. $2,414.00.

Gray-Miceli DDevelopment of a model to predict older adult’s engagement in an intervention to reduce future falls. American Academy of Nursing: Building Academic Capacity for Geriatric Nursing. Mentor: Neville Strumpf, PhD, FAAN, University of Pennsylvania. 2002-2005 $100,000.

Gray-Miceli D, Mentor to A. Elshinawy, (second year medical student): Fear of falling as a result of risk factors among home dwelling older adults. UMDNJ-SOM, Student Research Support Grant. 1998-1999. $2,000.00.

Gray-Miceli D, Waxman H, Cavalieri T. Prodromal falls in nursing home patient. UMDNJ-SOM, Bio-medical Research Support Grant 1988-1989. $1,100.00.



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Cavalieri T,  Gray-Miceli D. Shreve, S. Comparison of the geriatric team approach versus standard medical approach in caring for the institutionalized elderly; UMDNJ-SOM, Bio-Medical Research Support Grant. 1986-1987. $1,100.00

Recent Publications

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1982 - Sigma Theta Tau (Epsilon Rho, Xi, and Eta Beta member)

1982 - Clinical Nurse Specialist Scholarship, VA Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

1992 -  Nominee, American Academy of Nurse Practitioner’s“NP of the Year”

1998 - Nancy Tatem Award for Gerontological Nursing Leadership, Delaware Valley Geriatrics Society  

2003 - Fellow, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

2003 - Associate Fellow, Institute on Aging, University of Pennsylvania

2004 - 2nd place prize, 12th Annual Research Papers Presentation Night, Delaware Valley Geriatrics Society

2005 - Fellow, Gerontological Society of America, Washington, DC

2005 - Visiting Professor, Fairfield University (spring semester)

2007 - Scholar, National Institute of Aging, Summer Research Institute

2011 - Nominee, PINNACLE Distinguished Alumni Award, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Metropolitan Campus, June 2012

2012 - Fellow, American Academy of Nursing

2013 - Distinguished Alumni Award, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, NJ

2014 - Associate, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

2016 - Distinguished Fellowship, National Academies of Practice and Distinguished Scholar and Fellow, Nursing Academy, April 9, 2016. Baltimore, MD

2017 - Excellence Award for Research and Evidence-Based Practice. Presented by the Director and Faculty of the Henry Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health at the 65th Gala Celebration of Fairleigh Dickinson University, School of Nursing and Allied Health, December 1, 2017, Montvale, NJ.


  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, John A. Hartford Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA 
  • PhD, 2001, Widener University (retitled in 2008 from DNSc degree to PhD, nursing science)
  • MSN, 1983, University of Pennsylvania, Gerontological Nurse Practitioner
  • BSN, 1982, Fairleigh Dickinson University