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Freshmen Direct Admit Frequently Asked Questions


Who qualifies for the Freshman Direct Admit and what semester does the student enter the program?

This track is for currently enrolled high school seniors who are preparing to enter FAU the Fall Semester following their May/June high school graduation.

The admission criteria:

High School GPA 3.60 recalculated

SAT 1200 or ACT 25

High School Senior with an AA Degree/College Credits:

High School Seniors who have AA degrees or college credit are still eligible for the freshman direct track.

However, these college credits do not decrease the length of the program.  The freshman direct track is a 4-year program.  Dual enrolled college credit will be calculated to determine if any credits fulfill required prerequisites.  If so, the student’s schedule will be adjusted.

If there are gaps in the schedule, we recommend that the student consider doing a minor or certificate.  All Nursing students are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours a semester per semester (summer excluded) to remain in the program.


What if a student is denied because of a low SAT/ACT score?

If a student is denied to the Freshman Direct Admit Track because of SAT/ACT scores, the student can retake the SAT/ACT.  The new score will have to be resubmitted before the application deadline to the Admissions office before the College of Nursing can evaluate them.

If the new score meets the admission criteria, the student may be offered preliminary acceptance.


If the student is denied to the Freshman Direct Admit Track, how can the student get in to nursing at FAU?

If a student is denied admission to the Freshman Direct Admit Track, there are two options to pursue nursing:

Accelerated track

RN-BSN track

The Freshman Direct Admit Track only admits students once a year and only to currently enrolled high school seniors to begin in August after high school graduation in the same year.


Freshman Direct/Learning Community

All Freshman Direct Admit Students will be part of a learning community.  For the first semester, the learning community will schedule the student in to the course.

The student must complete the OARS and submit all transcripts/AB/IP/ACES/ scores to Admissions.

The student must also complete a contract with the learning community if he/she plans on living on campus.  If the student has a problem with his/her schedule he/she will need to contact the learning community at:  (561) 297-0906 or email:


What is the estimated cost of the Freshmen Direct program?

Freshman Direct Admit Track Estimated Costs by Semester for Florida Residents Please Click HERE