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Undergraduate Program Committee Transfer Credit Policy

Students must petition to request transfer of credit. The Admission and Progression Subcommittee will review the petition and course syllabus and send its recommendation to the Undergraduate Program Committee for the final decision.

  1. Transfer credit is restricted to six credit hours; and
  2. Only credits from these upper division courses would be granted:
    1. NUR 3065, NUR 3065L; Health Assessment,
    2. NUR 4125; General Pathophysiology

It is important that students first check with the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Student Services regarding if these particular courses from another institution are transferrable BEFORE the student enrolls in them. The student may be asked to provide the course description and course syllabus for review. Additionally, if six (6) credit hours are accepted for transfer, the student must make up those six (6) credit hours at FAU.

UPC February 3, 2014