Welcome Letter

Dear Colleague:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) community of preceptors, as you join our faculty in educating the next generation of nurses entering advanced nursing practice roles!

Faculty members oversee student experiences in practice areas, forming a bridge between what students learn in courses and their overall clinical experience. Preceptors form an integral link between the community of direct care providers and the University. They bring current insights into practice-related issues, orchestrate student learning in what might be called the classroom of life, and point the way to needed revisions in the curriculum of the graduate program in nursing. Without excellent preceptors, the mission of the University and the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing cannot be achieved.

Graduate nursing education provides the academic preparation and skills necessary for role development in advanced nursing practice. Students start their inquiry into advanced nursing in classroom theory courses, followed by a step-wise integration into practice under the dual supervision of community-based preceptors and faculty instructors. The step-wise integration into practice means that students rehearse skills of decision-making and intervention in practice-oriented courses, which build upon knowledge acquired in the classroom. Thus, at the start of the practice courses, as students transition into advanced clinical and administrative nursing practice roles, they may be unsure of themselves and their abilities. Moreover, they may feel inadequate to transition from the traditional role of the nurse to advanced nursing practice. The dual oversight of the preceptor and the faculty instructor will ensure that students achieve the necessary steps of practice and make successful transitions.

We at FAU are honored to have to join us as partners in caring for our communities and thank you for your time, support, and energy in graciously agreeing to precept our advanced nursing practice students.

Sincerely yours,

Katherine Chadwell, DNP, MBMSc, ARNP, GNP-BC, CPHQ
Associate Professor
Interim Assistant Dean Graduate Practice Programs