General Preceptor Selection Guidelines and General Practicum Site Selection Guidelines

Student Requirements to Enter Practicum:

Requirements are validated at the beginning of each practicum semester. You can review specific requirements at the following CON website locations:

Self-Insurance Plan (SIP) requirements

Florida Atlantic University has a Self-Insurance Program which covers all of our nursing students during practicum experiences. Please be aware that the college SIP only covers activities performed in the student role.

Our SIP Certificate accompanies all clinical contracts.

Reporting Critical Incidents

SIP reporting guidelines must be followed for all critical incidents and reported to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Practice Programs, College of Nursing by the faculty member within two working days of the event.

It is expected that all graduate students adhere to the policies and procedures of the practice site, including HIPAA regulations. Professional behavior is expected at all times. Critical incidents include errors and events in clinical settings in which there is potential/actual injury or harm to a client, staff member, or student. In the event of a critical incident in any clinical setting, the student must follow the policies/procedures of the agency as to completion of the proper documents.

In cases where the student has sustained a physical/chemical injury or has been exposed to an infectious agent, the student must follow the procedure of the institution as to the reporting of the incident and follow-up. Students are required to maintain personal health insurance and follow approved guidelines as to follow-up following injury or exposure to potentially harmful infectious/chemical agents. See the Graduate Student Handbook for additional information.