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Clinical Nurse Leader Curriculum

Course Information Class Credits
Graduate Core Courses (9 credits)    
Advanced Nursing Practice Grounded in Caring NGR6110 3
Philosophical & Theoretical Foundations of Nursing NGR6811 3
Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice NGR6812 3
Direct Care Core Courses    
Advanced Nursing Situations: Health Assessment NGR6002 2
Advanced Nursing Situations in Practice: Health Assessment* NGR6002L 1
Advanced Pathophysiology NGR6141 3
Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics NGR6172 3
Electives (3 credits)    
Introduction to Health Care Systems* HSA6103 3
Concentration Courses (12 credits)    
Clinical Informatics NGR6871 3
Advanced Nursing Situations in Practice: Introduction to the CNL Role NGR6770; 3
Advanced Nursing Situations: Perspectives in CNL NGR6771 3
Advanced Nursing Situations in Practice: CNL Practicum Seminar** NGR6773 3

*This course is offered in the College of Business.
**This course includes a 400 hour practicum at a clinical partner site.

The CNL Concentration Courses are offered on a rotating basis. Planned course offerings:

Fall 2013 NGR 6771: Advanced Nursing Situations: Perspectives in Clinical Nurse Leadership Spring 2015
Fall 2014 NGR 6770: Advanced Nursing Situations: Introduction to the Clinical Nurse Leadership Role Spring 2016
Fall 2014 NGR 6773: Advanced Nursing Situations: CNL Practicum (no practicum offered in the Summer) Spring 2015

A breakdown of FAU Tuition and fees is located online:

Core Courses Typically Completed in Concentrations at FAU*

*(Courses may vary by graduation year)

NGR 6110 Advanced Nursing Practice: Grounded in Caring 3
NGR 6811 Philosophy & Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice Roles 3
NGR 6812 Nursing Research Evidence Based Practice 3
NGR 6891 Leadership , Policy and Finance: Advanced Nursing Practice 3
NGR 6002 Advanced Health Assessment 2
NGR 6002L Advanced Health Assessment Lab 1
NGR 6141 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NGR 6172 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3