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John Lowe, RN, PhD, FAAN
Professor, John Wymer Distinguished Professor

p. 954-236-1275
f.  954-236-1325

Office: LA 226F at the Davie Campus


1996 - Ph.D. in Nursing, University of Miami School of Nursing, Miami, Florida

1992-1996 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration/American Nurses Association

1991-1992 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Cultural Institute

1986 - Master of Science in Nursing, Oral Roberts University, Anna Vaughn School of Nursing, Tulsa, Oklahoma

1981 - Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Virginia


Dr. John Lowe is a Cherokee Native American Indian tribal member and currently one of only 17 doctoral prepared Native American nurses in the United States. Dr. Lowe is a pre-doctoral American Nurses Association Ethnic Minority Fellowship alumnus and now serves as the Vice-Chair of the Advisory Committee. He is also a Fellow into the American Academy of Nursing and currently the John Wymer Distinguished Professor. He actively serves in elected, appointed, advisory and consultant positions such as the National Institutes of Health,  American Colleges of Nursing (AACN) California Endowment for Cultural Competencies in Graduate Nursing, American Nurses Foundation, Florida Nurses Association, Florida Nurses Foundation, National Coalition of Minority Nurses Associations, National Alaskan Native American Indian Nurses Association, Pathways into Health, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee  Indians Health Department, Cherokee Nation Healthy Nations Programs, University of Southern Queensland Centre for Rural and Remote Area Health  Research, Indigenous Wellness Institute, Indigenous HIV/AIDS Research Training Institute, and the Indian Health Service. Dr. Lowe has represented Native American and Indigenous nurses in many national and international forums and with national leaders such as the U.S. Surgeon General and the former first lady, Mrs. Rosalyn Carter. Globally, he has provided health-care services and research consultation  to underserved/disadvantaged groups in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Jamaica and China. He advocates for the cultural competent health care of Native Americans and indigenous people globally. Models that have emerged from his funded research are being used to promote the health and well-being of Native Americans. He developed and studies an intervention for the reduction of substance abuse and other risk behaviors among Native American youth. Dr. Lowe developed the Cherokee and Native Self-Reliance Models which are being used in several intervention research projects that utilizes the traditional Talking Circle format to reduce substance abuse and other risk behaviors among Native American youth. He is currently the Principal Investigator of several National Institutes of Health funded research projects. Dr. Lowe also co-authored the Native American Nursing Conceptual Framework which is being used to guide nursing curriculums. His work has been acknowledged through his induction as a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and numerous awards such as the Florida Nurses Association Cultural Diversity Award, Great 100 Centennial Research Award, Nursing Educator of the Year Award, Nurse of the Year Award, Lifetime Achievement In Education & Research Award, and the Researcher of the Year at the Professor Rank Award.  Dr. Lowe has presented nationally and internationally and has published several articles and books that report the findings of his research. 

Teaching & Research

•Transcultural Caring

•Nursing as Caring Immersion Experiences at the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and the Cherokee Nation

•Community-Based Participatory Research Approach (CBPR)

•Community Health/Community Mental Health Nursing

•Nursing Leadership

Research Projects:

•"Testing a Substance Abuse Prevention for Cherokee Early Adolescents"

•"Brief Intervention for Substance Using Native Youth"

•"Community Partnership to Affect Cherokee Adolescent Substance Abuse"

•"Evaluation of Nursing Students Experiences during an Educational Practicum at the Cherokee Nation"

• "Native American Nurses Stories" Robert Wood Johnson Nurse's Stories Project, Navajo Land Nurses         Organization

•"A Cherokee Teen Talking Circle"

•"Teen Intervention Project - Cherokee (TIP-C)"

•"Nursing in the Native American Culture"

•"Contributing Factors to Substances Use & Abuse Among the Homeless"

•"The Self-Reliance of the Cherokee" 

•"Cultural Diversity in Florida Nursing Programs

•"Promotion and Integration of Cultural Diversity in the Health Care Workforce

•"An Ethnographic Study of Self-Reliance of the Cherokee Male Adolescent,"

• "The Meaning to the Nursing Students of the Clinical Experience at the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation"

•"The Social Support That Contributed to the Abstinence from Substance Abuse After Treatment in the      Native American Young Adult

Funded Research:

Lowe, J. (2011).  Principal Investigator.  "Testing a Substance Abuse Prevention for Cherokee Early Adolescents".  R34DA029724-01A1 National Institutes of Health National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Lowe, J. (2011).  Co-Principal Investigator with Wagner, E.  "Brief Intervention for Substance Using Native Youth".                 R01DA029779-01A1 National Institutes of Health National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Lowe, J. (2010) Faculty Advisor.  Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) project (CFDA NO. 84.200) U.S. Department of Education.  

Lowe, J. (2008). Sponsor and Mentor to Archibald, C.  "Safe Choices to Prevent HIV/AIDS in Afro-Caribbean American Youth" 1 K01 NR010685-02 National Institutes of Health Institute of Nursing Research (NINR).

Lowe, J. (2007). Principal Investigator. "Community Partnership to Affect Cherokee Adolescent Substance Abuse 1 R01 DA021714-03". National Institutes of Health Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Lowe, J. (2005). "Transcultural Caring Research and Student Experience at the Cherokee Nation". FAU Research Enhancement Programs Travel Award Program.

Lowe, J. (2003).Lead Coordinator for Program Grant for Jackson Memorial Hospital Mental Health Center. Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP) Program Grant. Florida Department of Health.

Lowe, J. (2003). Principal Investigator. "Nursing in the Native American Culture". Johnson and Johnson Corporation. 

Lowe, J. (2002). Principal Investigator. "A Cherokee Teen Talking Circle".  Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.

Lowe, J. (2000). Co-Principal Investigator. "Teen Intervention Project-Cherokee (TIP-C)".  National Institute of Health National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:  Minority Supplement to R01 AA10246-05S1. 

Lowe, J. (1993). Principal Investigator. "The Self-Reliance of the Cherokee". National Institute of Mental Health and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration via ANA pre- doctoral Ethnic/Minority Fellowship Program.  


Selected Journal Publications:  

Lowe, J., Liang, H., Riggs, C., & Henson, J. (2012) Community Partnership to Affect Substance Abuse  

 among Native American Adolescents. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 38(5): 450–455.


Kelley, M., & Lowe, J. (2012). The Health Challenge of Stress Experienced by Native American Adolescents.  Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 26(1), 71-73.

Patchell, B., Lowe, J., & Robbins, L. (2012)  Cultural Tailoring of a Theoretical

Framework used to Guide Native American Indian Adolescent's Substance Abuse

Prevention/Intervention Programs.   Journal of Cultural Diversity.


Patchell, B., Robbins, L., Hoke, M., & Lowe, J. (2012).  Circular Model of Cultural Tailoring: An Intervention Adaption. Journal of Theory Construction and Testing, 16(2), 45-51.

Lowe, J., & Gibson, S. (2011). Reflections of a Homeless Population’s Lived Experience with Substance Abuse. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 28(2), 92-104.

Lowe, J., et al. (2011). Cultural Competencies for Graduate Nursing Education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 27(3), 33-139.

Lowe, J., Riggs, C., & Henson, J. (2011). Principles for Establishing Trust When Developing a Substance Abuse Intervention with a Native American Community.  Journal of Creative Nursing.

Lowe, J., et al. (2011). Cultural Competencies for Graduate Nursing Education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 27(3), 33-139.

Lowe, J. (2011). Winter Newsletter. National Alaskan Native American Indian Nurses Association.

Lowe, J., Riggs, C., & Henson, J., & Liehr, P. (2009).Cherokee Self-Reliance and Word-Use in Stories of Stress.  Journal of Cultural Diversity, 16 (1): 5-9.

Lowe, J. & Archibald, C. (2009). Cultural Diversity: The Intention of Nursing. Nursing Forum, 44 (1): 11-18.

Lowe, J. (2008).  A  Cultural Approach to Conducting HIV/AIDS and HCV Education Among Native American Adolescents. Journal of School Nursing, 24: 229-238. (Data-based)

Lowe, J. (2008). Featured Interview. Lessons from My Father. Minority Nurse, Winter 2008, 40-44.

Lowe, J. (2007).  Featured in American Nurses Association Annual Report.

Lowe, J. (2007).  The Need for Historically Grounded HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Among Native Americans. Journal of the Association Nurses in AIDS Care, 18 (2): 15-17.

Lowe, J.  (2006). Tribute to Dr. Roxanne Struthers: A Native American Indian Transcultural  Nurse. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 17 (3): 215-216.

Lowe, J.  (2006). Teen Intervention Project - Cherokee (TIP-C). Pediatric Nursing, 32 (5):495 -  500

Lowe, J.  (2005). Being Influenced: A Cherokee Way of Mentoring.  Journal of Cultural  Diversity, 12 (2):37-49.

Lowe, J. (Spring 2004). Featured Interview.  Healing a Wounded Past.  Minority Nurse,  32-37.

Lowe, J. (2003). The Self-Reliance of the Cherokee Adolescent Male.  Journal of Addictions Nursing, 14: 209 - 214. 

Struthers, R., & Lowe, J. (2003). Nursing in the Native American Culture and Historical Trauma. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 24 (3): 257-272.

Lowe, J. (2002). Cherokee Self-Reliance. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 13 (4): 287-295.

Lowe, J. (2002). Balance and Harmony Through Connectedness: The Intention of Native American Nurses. Holistic Nursing Practice, 16 (4): 4 – 1.1

Nichols, L., Lowe, J., & Parker, J. (2002). Researching With Respect. Minority Nurse, Summer  2002, 78-80.

Lowe, J., & Struthers, R (2001). A Conceptual Framework: Nursing in the Native American  Culture. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Third Quarter, 33 (3): 279-283.

Lowe, J. (2000, Winter). Featured Interview: Nursing is a Great Way to Serve Our People. Winds Of Change: American Indian Education & Opportunity, 5(1), 48-49.

Lowe, J.  (2000, October). Mentoring for Nursing’s Future. Nursing Spectrum, 10(20), 7.

Lowe, J. (1994, February). Developing Cultural Competence. The Florida Nurse, 42(2), 16.

Grossman, D., Massey, P., Blais, K., Lowe, J., Geiger, E., Pereira, 0., Stewart, A., Taylor R,  Filer, V. Nembhard, & Talley-Ross, N. (1995). Cultural Diversity in Florida Nursing Programs: A Survey of Deans and Directors. Journal of Nursing Education, 37 (1): 22-26.

Lowe, J. Featured Interview. Nursing is a Great Way to Serve Our People. Winds Of Change:  American Indian Education & Opportunity, Winter 2000; 15 (1): 48 – 49.

Selected Book Publications

Lowe, J. (2013).  Self-Reliance Chapter. In Liehr, P. R. & Smith, M. J., & (Eds.). Middle Range Theory for Nursing. 3rd.  Ed. New York: Springer

Lowe, J. (2008).  Cherokee Talking Circle Manual. National Institutes of Health National Institute on Drug Abuse. Boca Raton, FL: Florida Atlantic University.

Lowe, J.  (2005). Be Safe: A Guide for the Cultural Competent Health Care Treatment of Native Americans Living with HIV/AIDS. National Minority AIDS Education Center. Howard University: DC

Lowe, J.  (2004). Circle of Harmony. National Native American AIDS Prevention Center. Oakland, CA 

Recognition & Awards

•John F. Wymer Distinguished Professor Award, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, 2011 & 2013

•Lifetime Achievement  In Education & Research ,  Association of Black Nursing Faculty, 2013                                     

•Top 25 Nursing  Professors in Florida State of Florida,  2013

•Researcher of the Year at the Professor Rank Award, Florida Atlantic University, 2012                                      2012

•Nurse of the Year Award, Florida Nurses Association, 2012

•Florida Nurses Association Research Award, Great 100 Centennial Award, September 2009.

•Certificate of Appreciation. Presented by the Florida Nurses Association for dedication and leadership to the Florida Nurses Association, May 2008.

•Inducted as a Fellow into the American Academy of Nursing, November 2007

•Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Miami, November 2007

•Florida Nurses Association Nursing Educator of the Year Award. 2007

•Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Work in the Health Care Industry. Presented by the Florida Marlins Baseball Team, May 5, 2007

•Florida Atlantic University Davie Campus Award for National Research Recognition, 2007

•Honored guest of the Johnson & Johnson Corporation - "The Caregiver Initiative" press briefing with the U.S. Surgeon General and the former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, Washington, DC, 2006

•Honored guest of the opening ceremony of the Oklahoma State University - Okmulgee Nursing Program, 2004

•Honored guest/participant of the opening ceremony of the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC, 2004

•Community Service Award, Faculty Convocation, Florida International University, Miami, Florida 2001

•Florida Nurses Association Mary Cash Award: In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Culture Diversity in Nursing and its Impact on Health Care, September  2000

•Florida Nurses Association District # 5 Certificate of: Excellence for Outstanding Performance and Lasting Contribution on Cultural Diversity Award 2000

•Teaching Incentive Program Award, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, 1997

•Project Hope Service Award Human Resource Services, Broward County, Florida, 1996

•Alumni Award:  Excellence in Clinical Performance, Community Service, Professionalism and Academic, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, 1995

•Sigma Theta Tau International Beta Tau Chapter awarded: Outstanding Academic Performance Award University of Miami, Miami, Florida, 1994

•Florida International University (FIU) Presidential Award for: "Achievement and Excellence Honorable Mention In Recognition of Outstanding Service and Contributions to FIU and the Community after Hurricane Andrew", 1992 

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