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Driving Evaluation (Services & Programs)
The Memory and Wellness Center offers a Driver Evaluation Program designed specifically for seniors with cognitive impairment.  The underlying assumption of the driving evaluation is that most seniors are good drivers.  However, there are certain medical conditions that can impair driving skills. 
The comprehensive driving evaluation includes tests of vision, physical functioning and cognitive skills required for safe driving.  In addition, an on-road test is given which was developed for the purpose of detecting driving errors made by cognitively impaired drivers.  The on-road test is given in a dual-controlled vehicle.
At the conclusion of the testing session, results and recommendations are provided.  If needed, options for alternative transportation options are discussed at length.
Unfortunately, this evaluation is not covered by Medicare or other insurance.  A limited number on need-based "scholarships" are available.
It is the policy of the Memory and Wellness Center to provide assessments and recommendations to individuals, their families, and their physicians for advisory purposes.  We do not automatically forward driving evaluation results to the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).  However, we maintain the prerogative to report in circumstances in which an individual fails the driving test, but refuses to stop driving.
For further information or to schedule a driving evaluation, call (561) 297-0502.

Driving Brochures
Driving Brochures - for self assessment and decision-making:
Copies of brochures are available (single copies or in bulk) at no charge except for postage.  To order, please contact Memory & Wellness Center at or 561-297-0502.
These brochures are in PDF Format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free of charge at, (
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