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Introduction to Ecollege (Online courses)
E-College is the platform selected by the Christine E. Lynne College of Nursing for delivery of on-line education. E-college offers students and faculty a 24/7 help desk and innovative course structure. You can visit the Florida Atlantic University E-college site at
To make sure that your computer is ready for an on-line course, visit the page. Select the technical requirement tab and take the browser test. This activity will advise you about the readiness of your equipment and will suggest any downloadable software that will enhance your online experience.
Students who register before the beginning of classes are automatically entered into the e-College database. If you register after classes begin, you will be automatically entered into the e-College database within 3 business days. You will have access to your course from the first day of the semester until 1 week after the last day of classes for the semester. If you need access to the course site after this time you will be required to pay an additional service fee to E-college.
The Nursing Courses on the e-College platform are located at:

Important User Information
  1. To access the College of Nursing's online courses, you will need to login. Your login ID is your FAU Net ID.
  2. You are responsible for remembering your password. Faculty and administrators at the College of Nursing CANNOT retrieve your password. The only way to retrieve your password is using the logon help icon on the page. When you use the logon help icon your password will be sent to the e-mail address that is in your e-college user profile.
  3. If you are having a technical problem with your course, for example, you cannot open a file or you are disconnected from the server while completing an activity and need it re-set, contact the e-college help desk at:
  4. If you have a question about course objectives, assignments or content contact your course faculty. Each faculty will post information about the best method to contact them in the course materials.
  5. If you do not login to your course during the first week of the semester, or have periods of inactivity of 7 days or greater, your access to the course site may be blocked. You must have the course faculty contact the e-College administrator granting permission to remove course blocks.
  6. E-mail is usually the most efficient method to resolve problems, so remember to keep your e-mail profile up to date, and check your e-mail frequently.
  7. Please take a look at this sheet of helpful tips for online courses.
College of Nursing E-College Contact: Alison Heim, email:
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