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Introduction to the BS - MS (Dual) Program

We are not currently accepting admission applications for the BS - MS (Dual) Program. Enrollment is suspended until further notice. 

The BS to MS Program at FAU offers a unique opportunity to study nursing at an advanced level.  The curriculum is designed for RNs to achieve both a BSN and MS in nursing in a shorter time than it would normally take to earn both degrees.  When applying for this program, it is necessary for the applicant to know which of the Program Tracks (FNP, ANP/GNP, ADLD, CNL, AHN, NE, or Individualized) they are interested in pursuing. 


The BS to MS Dual Degree Program requires a minimum of 70 credits with at least 30 hours post baccalaureate.  Congruent with the RN-BSN program, the University will waive 20 undergraduate credits at no charge to the student.


Courses taken at the graduate level as part of an undergraduate degree cannot be counted as post baccalaureate hours.  The Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse Leader program tracks require 30 graduate credit hours; therefore, the BS-MS Dual Degree program does not significantly reduce the overall number of credits for individuals who wish to pursue these tracks.   


For the BS to MS Dual program, both the BSN and MS degrees are awarded at the completion of all requirements for both degrees.   The BSN is not awarded prior to the MS.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Admission into the dual degree program does not guarantee admission into limited access programs such as the Nurse Practitioner Tracks.
In keeping with Florida Atlantic University's philosophy as a distributed university, courses may be held on varying campuses over the program of study with various modes of delivery. This may include live classes/weekend format classes/TV classes/web-assisted classes/ and/or on-line offerings. Campuses include Boca Raton, Broward County/Davie, and Treasure Coast.

Application Process for the BS - MS (Dual) Program
(NOTE: This application process is slightly different than the general Masters program application process.)

For the BS-MS Dual program, students are required to apply for both the Bachelors level and Masters level portion of the program.  The application steps are as follows:


  • Phase I - Must be an RN to BSN student.  Once the admitted student has completed the prerequisites  necessary (NUR3115, NUR4805 and NUR4165) and has attained a 3.0 GPA overall, he/she is eligible to apply for the Dual Degree program by submitting the Christine E. Lynn Graduate Nursing Application and supporting materials.  Please refer to the Masters Application page for Items on the  College of  Nursing Masters Admissions Checklist Form.  Students will be conditionally admitted to the graduate program providing that they earn grades of 'B' or better in all courses attempted.



*Any applicant not accepted to the MS program or any accepted student who is not able to earn grades of 'B' or better in all courses attempted can complete NUR 4836L and 3 credits of Upper Division Humanities as well as the other BSN requirements to earn their BSN degree.

BS - MS (Dual) Program Curriculum

Course Name
Course #
Phase I Courses - BSN Progression
All General Education/CLAS, Gordon Rule requirements must be completed prior to all nursing courses
Pre-requisite Courses
Nursing as a Discipline and Profession
Nurse as a Scholar
Nursing Research
Phase II Courses - BSN Course Completion
Nursing Situations with Individuals, Families, and Groups
Nursing Practice Leadership
Upper Division Elective Courses
Upper Division Humanities
Nursing Electives
MS Progression
Advanced Nursing Practice Grounded in Caring
Philosophical & Theoretical Foundations in Nursing
Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice
Advanced Pathophysiology
Phase III
Students then progress forward to complete the remaining credit hours of MS level coursework in the track to which they have been admitted. Students must attain at least 30 credit hours while fully admitted to the Masters program in order to obtain a MS degree


NOTE: In order to Progress into the Nurse Practioner Masters Tracks a student must have these Undergraduate Pre-requisites:
  • NUR 3065 - Nursing Situations: Health Assessment Modalities            2 credits
  • NUR 3145 - Pharmacotherapeutics                                                      3 credits

Financial Aid Information for Dual Degrees
Financial Aid for students enrolled in dual degree programs will be awarded undergraduate aid while in the undergraduate portion of their program.
The college will determine at what point in time the student has satisfied the undergraduate requirements and is to be considered a graduate student. Upon this determination, the students are considered graduate students and are no longer eligible for undergraduate level financial aid and scholarship programs. Students in the graduate portion of dual degree programs will be awarded graduate level financial aid.
Please refer to the FAU student finanical aid office for information regarding Federal Financial Aid Assistance.
 Please refer to the College of Nursing, Financial Aid & Scholarship Page for Undergraduate & Graduate Nursing specific funds, Scholarships, Fellowships, Traineeships, and additional aid through the Nursing College.

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