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Information for Authors
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Purpose of the Journal:
The primary focus of the journal is to provide nurses, educators, and persons involved in the care of others across disciplines, a forum to share their reflections on their caring of persons and the environment. Caring is illuminated and shared in poetry, art, philosophic or reflective essays, and aesthetic expressions that honor the relationship between the one caring and the one cared for. Articles sought for publication are those that illuminate the extraordinary caring relationships occurring among persons in health and illness and reveal their nurturance of the environments in which they live.

Ethical and Legal Considerations:
An item submitted for publication must be an original contribution not previously published in the whole or in the part, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. If accepted for publication in this Journal, the item must not be published elsewhere in similar form, in any language or aesthetic representation without the written consent of the Editor, Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Nursing and Health Sciences. While the Editor and designated referees make every effort to ensure the authorship and validity of the published items, the final responsibility rests with the submitting author, and not with the Journal or its Editor.

Anonymity of Persons/Patients and Informed Consent:
It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that all persons referred to, either in text, artwork, photo, or aesthetic representation, have their anonymity protected. Items submitted for publication showing individuals who are recognizable in any way must be accompanied by a signed release from that person or persons, explicitly granting permission to publish the representation.

Each author must complete, sign by hand, and date the Copyright Transfer Agreement. Please note that a typed signature is insufficient and your aesthetic submission will not be considered until a hand-signed copy is submitted. After signing, please scan and upload in the Author Submission Center with your submission. The Copyright Transfer Agreement and other required forms can be downloaded in the Forms Gallery at the end of this document.

Author Information Form:
Each submission must be accompanied by a completed Author Information Form. The form can be downloaded in the Forms Gallery at the end of this document. Upload the Author Information form with your submissions.

Review of Submissions:
All manuscripts/items must be submitted electronically by uploading files in the Author Submission Center. Email or hard-copy submissions will not be accepted. The Journal Editor will review all submissions to determine suitability for publication. Submissions will then be sent to Editorial Review Panel members for blinded, peer review and recommendations. The Editor may recommend that the item be revised or edited before being accepted for publication. The author may make revisions and the new version will again be reviewed.

Online Author Submission Center:
The Author Submission Center for the Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Nursing and Health Sciences is located at:


Include all the following completed forms:

1.Hand signed Copyright Transfer Form
2. Author Information form
3. Abstract (100-200 words)
4. Biographical sketch of each author (100-200 words).

What to include in your Abstract:
Your abstract should be double-line spaced and describe the origin of your creative work. Tell us about your creative process, and reason the poem, artwork, essay, or aesthetic representation was created (100– 200 words).

What to include in your Biographical Sketch:
Please describe yourself and your professional role. For example: Are you a nurse, social worker, physical therapist, nursing home administrator, etc. Where were you educated? How long have you been caring for others professionally and what matters to you most about your caring practice. Please see biographical sketches in previous issues for examples. (100 – 200 words).


In addition to General Requirements for submissions, following are specific requirements for your particular aesthetic creation, i.e., poetry, essay, visual art, music, and other aesthetic representation. If you are submitting multimedia aesthetic expressions, please supply each of the requirements that are listed under the applicable headings that apply to you. Separate electronic files are required for each item so that blinded reviews may take place. If you submit all required information in one file, it will be returned to you for unbundling and re-submission.

Text must be typed in 12pt Times New Roman, with double-line spacing.An appropriate title for your poem is required. Your name must not appear on the poem in order to facilitate blinded, peer review.Please save the document in MS Word document format. PDF files are not accepted. If your poem is accompanied by an original illustration of your own work, please scan it and save in TIFF 300 dpi or JPEG format. Photocopied material or material that has been graphically altered is not acceptable.If your poem is accompanied by audio, please see Item 4 Audio, below.

Submit the poem file, and/or illustration file if applicable, Abstract, Author Information form, Biographical Sketch/es, signed Copyright Transfer Agreement form to the Editor by uploading in the Author Submission Center.

Philosophic essays that explore the meaning of caring in the human health experience should be no more than 1500 words maximum. The language should be rich, the content well organized, and the essays hould resonate with readers. Please note that essays as a personal memorium to family members or friends are not accepted for publication

All artwork must be photographed in high resolution. The title of the artwork with description of medium must appear in the Copyright Transform form. The type of artwork must be appropriately described in your abstract (see abstract instructions). Your name must not appear on your artwork in order to facilitate blinded, peer review.Artwork files must be submitted as a TIFF (tagged image file format) 300 dpi or jpeg. Scanned images must have a resolution of 300 dpi minimum. Line art must have a resolution of 1200 dpi. PDF files are not accepted. Please note that photocopied material or material that has been graphically altered in any way is not acceptable.

Submit the artwork file, Abstract, Author Information form/s, Biographical Sketch/es, hand signed Copyright Transfer Agreement form by uploading in the Author Submission Center.

Audio files in the author’s own voice may be submitted to accompany creative works. These may include the reading of original poetry, or an abstract about visual art, sculpture or other aesthetic representation. Audio files must be clear and must be included on the hand signed Copyright Transfer Agreement. Acceptance of the audio will be at the Editor’s discretion.

Original video recordings formatted in High Definition only may be submitted. Maximum duration must be no longer than 2 minutes. The video must be able to be uploaded into the Author Submission Center:Submissions transmitted via Dropbox, We Transfer, or other modes are not acceptable.Acceptance of the video will be at the Editor’s discretion. Please note that any kind of pixelation and other reduced quality occurring during the video will result in non-acceptance. Any music on the video must be the author’s original work: Non original work must have an explicit copyright release from relevant 3rd parties: The author is responsible for obtaining the release.


After Uploading at the Author Submission Center: Upon successful uploading of your submission files, you will receive an automated email confirming your submission. Your creative work will then be streamed into the review process.

The Review Process:
The review process may take 6 weeks. At the conclusion of this process, you will be advised of acceptance or non-acceptance of your submission for publication. Creative work that is submitted after the issue deadline date will be scheduled for consideration in the next issue.

After Acceptance:
Corresponding authors will receive electronic page proofs to check the typeset article before publication.It is the author ’s responsibility to ensure that there are no errors in the proofs. Editorial changes that have been made to conform to the journal style will stand if they do not alter the author ’s meaning. Changes made by authors that are stylistic or are a reworking of previously accepted material will be disallowed. Proofs must be checked carefully and corrections emailed back to the Editors within 24-48 hours of receipt If you require further information prior to uploading your creative work, please email the Editor at



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Copyright Transfer Form

Required for all submissions


Author Information Form

Required for all submissions


1.Copyright Transfer Form
2.Author Information Form
4.Biographical Sketch
5.Electronic files

Upload to the Author Submission Center

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