Linda (Whitman) Weglicki was born and raised in Michigan where she completed her nursing education and began her clinical practice, teaching and research career working with urban at risk populations. Dr. Weglicki taught at Wayne State University College of Nursing from 1990 to 2008.  In late 2008, Dr. Weglicki moved to Bethesda, Maryland when she accepted a position as a Program Director in the Division of Extramural Science Programs/Office of Extramural Programs at the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Nursing Research.  Her portfolio focused on health promotion and included women, children, families, and environmental health. Dr. Weglicki joined the Florida Atlantic University Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing as Professor and Associate Dean for Nursing Research and Scholarship and PhD Studies in August 2014.  She is honored to hold the Schmidt Family Foundation Distinguished Professorship.

Dr. Weglicki and her husband Larry Weglicki live in Aventura, Florida.  Larry, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, has extensive experience in internal control/auditing and is currently working for the Miami-Dade County Office of The Inspector General.  Larry has previously held positions at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy, and Internal Revenue Service.  He has also held positions at General Motors Corporation, The Detroit Edison Company, and Chrysler Corporation. Linda and Larry have 2 children, David, a radiologist, living in Springfield, Illinois, and daughter Michelle, a tax analyst, who just recently move to Plantation, Florida.



Dr. Weglicki’s teaching draws on over 20 plus years of teaching and faculty/student mentoring at Wayne State University and now at Florida Atlantic University.  Her expertise and certification in education and curriculum design provide a strong foundation in promoting excellence within the educational experience. Dr. Weglicki has taught in variety of undergraduate (Traditional, BSN Second Career/Second Degree, RN to BSN, and Honors), graduate masters, and doctoral PhD programs. She has served as advisor, mentor, and chair or member on PhD doctoral students qualifying examination and dissertation committees including international students from Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, and Thailand.  At the doctoral level she supports students’ research and dissertation idea development through coursework, dissertation defense, and publication of research findings. At the undergraduate and master’s graduate level, Dr. Weglicki helps familiarize students with the research process and opportunities and that can be applied in developing evidence to guide nursing practice.


Dr. Weglicki's program of research has focused on health promotion and risk reduction in urban and culturally diverse populations and that uses both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Her research began with (1) studying the development and impact of maternal confidence in African American pregnant and postpartum teens; and has included (2) tobacco (cigarette and waterpipe smoking) prevention and cessation among Arab American youth; (3) eHEALTH  designed to promote health behaviors (smoking cessation, healthy eating, and improved physical activity) among ethnically diverse urban adults; (4) health promotion through cancer screening among Arab American adults; and (5) linking geospatial information (e.g., air pollution) with respiratory health outcomes (asthma morbidity) among ethnically diverse urban adults. Her research has been interdisciplinary, and that has included collaboration with international researchers, with the findings relevant for clinicians and researchers alike as evidenced by publications in a variety of refereed top-tiered journals. In addition to a number of small grant awards, Dr. Weglicki has served in a number of roles (PI, Multi-PI, Co-I, Project Director) on NIH funded grants and large grants received from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the Office of the President from Wayne State University and University of Windsor, Canada.


Dr. Weglicki’ position prior to joining the FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing was at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) where she served as Chief, Office of Extramural Programs in the Division of Extramural Science Programs.  In that role, she was responsible for managing, coordinating, direction, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating NINR’s extramural scientific programs and programmatic science priorities (which includes NINR’s national program of research relative to its mission including research training in nursing science and related biomedical and behavioral sciences).  She was responsible for overseeing grants, contracts, fellowships, and cooperative agreements in scientific areas of: health promotion/wellness; quality of life (self and symptom management) and care-giving; enhancing technology and innovation; and improving palliative and end of life care. Dr. Weglicki served as the primary point of contact for the Office of Extramural Programs and the extramural community – including networking with leading nurse scientists and investigators who were advancing nursing science. Dr. Weglicki also served on a number of key NIH committees and participated in the development of scientific recommendations concerning activities of NINR, including at the NIH, Department of Health and Human Services and programs, and the scientific community to increase quality in the national scientific research endeavor. 


Prior to her position as Chief in the Office of Extramural Programs, Dr. Weglicki served as a Scientific Program Officer at NINR with a portfolio that included Health Promotion/Risk Reduction: Infants, Children, and Family Health/Illness.  One of her primary responsibilities in this role was to work with investigators who were submitting applications or in overseeing whose applications were funded by the NINR using a number of funding mechanisms such as R series (R01, R21, R15, R03, R25, Type 3- Diversity Supplement), training such as F and T series (F31, F32, F33, T31), and career development or K series (K01, K22/23, K99/R00), Center grants (e.g., P20, P30, and P01s) and cooperative agreements (U01).  Dr. Weglicki also consulted with investigators interested in applying for small business awards (SBIR and STTR). In addition, Dr. Weglicki, as an expert scientist, was responsible for direction and coordination of the planning, scientific management, and evaluation of extramural research programs – this resulted in the development of a number of new scientific funding opportunities relative to her portfolio and to the mission and science priorities of NINR.  

Recent Publications

Haddad, L., Barnett, T., Weglicki, L.S., Kely, D., & Ferrell, A. (Accepted for Publication, May, 2016). A systematic review of health effects of waterpipe smoking. Libertas Academica.

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2015    International Nurses Association, Selected Top Nurse in Boca Raton, Florida

2010    NIH, Expanding Opportunities in Basic and Behavioral and Social Science Research (OppNet): Certificate of Appreciation:  Facilitator, Use of b-BSSR Advances in Future Applied Research

2009    NIH Director, Francis Collins: Certificate of Appreciation for Exemplary Contributions to the NIH Implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

2008    Recognized as a Featured Member of Biltmore’s Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals

2007    Wayne State University President’s Excellence in Teaching Award

1999    Recipient of Wayne State University, College of Nursing Excellence in Teaching Award


  • Nursing Diploma:  Harper Hospital, School of Nursing (1975) – Detroit, MI.
  • BSN:  Wayne State University, College of Nursing (1988) – Detroit, MI.
  • MSN: Wayne State University, College of Nursing (1990) – Detroit, MI. Community Health Nursing
  • PhD: University of Michigan (1999) – Ann Arbor, MI. Nursing: Health Promotion/Risk Reduction
  • Postgraduate Certification (1991): Teaching and Education – Wayne State University
  • HeartMath® Certified Trainer (2015): Boca Raton, FL – Florida Atlantic University